10 Healthy Breakfasts My Kids Love

These 10 healthy breakfasts my kids love will give you good ideas to add to your weekly meal plan. With a focus on whole grains and fresh fruit, I try to include protein, carbs, and fat with each meal. 

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Let’s Talk Breakfast

Breakfast is easily my favorite meal. As I regularly share my favorite creative breakfasts (overnight oats, eggs/fruit/toast, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, etc.), you know I love setting the tone for the day with a hot Yeti mug of coffee and healthy meal to break the fast. My kids also love breakfast! I think it’s the most reliable meal of the day they eat. And they tend to eat a wider rotation of recipes than they do at other meals. (Shocker!) I try my best to feed them both a variety of balanced breakfasts (protein, fat, whole grains, and easy on the sugar). They definitely go through phases of favorites (as do I), but Mazen and Birch both eat a good wheelhouse of breakfast foods. These are my boys’ current morning favorites.

10 Healthy Breakfasts My Kids Love:

1) Frozen Waffles or Pancakes

I typically keep a box or two of frozen waffles and/or pancakes in the freezer because a) they make for a super easy breakfast, and b) my kids love them. I usually buy the Whole Foods 365 organic whole wheat varieties. The ingredient lists are decent (including whole grains and fiber), and they’re easy to toast up in a few minutes flat to pair with fresh fruit or eggs.

2) Smoothies

We don’t save smoothies just for the summertime in our house, we enjoy them year round. It’s the fastest way to pack in a bunch of nutrients, for both myself and the boys. They particularly love when I make chocolate peanut butter smoothies because they basically taste like a milkshake; plus, I can easily throw in a couple handful of greens and they never know!

3) French Toast and Pancakes

On the weekends, we like to jazz up breakfast with something a bit more special. Since Mazen isn’t a fan of eggs, French toast has been one way we sneak them in. I’ll usually soak thick slices of whole wheat bread in a mixture of eggs, whole milk, and cinnamon and then top with a little maple syrup and sliced bananas. It’s definitely a sweet treat, but semi-healthy, too! Check out this Deep Dish pancake – another different idea!

Wheels on the Bus French Toast

4) Cold Cereal

We definitely don’t do cereal every morning, but man is it convenient! Believe it or not, it took Mazen until age 6 to eat cereal with milk, but now that he actually enjoys it, it’s a fast breakfast before school. He is into anything cinnamon and Cinnamon Chex has been our favorite. I also buy Whole Foods brand of cinnamon squares or Peanut Butter Puffins. Birch eats his cereal dry and loves all kinds of Chex too, and of course, Cheerios.

5) Scrambled Eggs

Birchie loves scrambled eggs. I mean, chunks of fluffy eggs are the perfect toddler finger food, are they not? They’re such a perfect food that I fed them to Mazen 1,000 times and he hasn’t eaten eggs since he was yay high: 

But Mazen gets eggs in other forms – he just doesn’t know. I make a version of this pancake recipe from Anne every now and then and it’s just eggs and banana – two foods that Mazen “doesn’t like” :mrgreen:

6) Oatmeal

It shouldn’t be a surprise that my kids love oatmeal as it’s one of my all time favorite breakfasts. Mazen will usually eat whatever concoction I come up with (topped with peanut butter and a few chocolate chips), and Birch has most success with it when I reheat it so it’s in little chucks. We haven’t quite got the whole spoon-to-mouth thing down yet.

7) Baked Oatmeal

This is ideal for Birch since it’s more firm. I can cut or break it up into smaller pieces and it’s a perfect finger food. With Mazen, it’s kind of hit or miss. He’ll eat it if it looks like a muffin but not if it’s a slice on a plate.

8) Muffins

Speaking of muffins, they love them when I bake a batch – Mazen will literally eat three! We don’t always have homemade muffins on hand, but when I do get around to baking a batch, I stick a few in the freezer to be reheated anytime (that is, if I’m lucky and there are leftovers). Our favorite muffin recipes include these healthy whole wheat muffins and whole grain oat pumpkin muffins.

9) Overnight Oats

Birch loves overnight oats just as much as I do and always steals bites from mine. I regularly make a batch of basic overnight oats for myself to jazz up with various toppings. I’ll serve him the plain oats (oats mixed with yogurt and/or milk). This will get less messy when he can use a spoon! 

10) Yogurt Drinks and Yogurt Pouches

Definitely a favorite of the boys, with yogurt drinks or yogurt pouches I know they’re getting in some protein and probiotics. I’ll also typically offer some fruit to go with it, but sometimes they’ll eat these as a solo snack on the go. I typically grab whatever is organic and on sale at Whole Foods (checking to make sure they’re not loaded with added sugar). Mazen will eat some “grown-up” yogurts but the flavors are very hit or miss. Birch has also started liking plain Greek yogurt, and because it’s so thick he can actually feed himself with a baby spoon.

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