10 New Clean Beauty Products We’ve Tried (And Loved) This Fall

Safe beauty products are the future of personal care — there’s no doubt about it. I’m so proud that we’ve covered clean, natural or green brands only from the very start — and love to watch the clean beauty industry absolutely boom.

This fall, our team has received more clean beauty products to our home addresses than you can imagine. Here are the most note-worthy…

ILIA Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint
$28.00 We’re obsessed with ILIA, the OG of clean makeup brands. You can’t lose with anything the brand makes from lipstick to foundation serum, but their new line of liquid powder eyeshadows is everything clean beauty devotees is waiting for. Think sheer coverage, easy blending and a stunning range of wearable colors. 

Herbivore Pink Cloud Cleanser | $24.00 Herbivore is another safe skincare brand we live by. Their very first cleanser, Pink Cloud, is a creamy “jelly” cleanser packed with  tremella mushroom and squalane designed to fight redness and irritation without stripping.