10 Nutrition Posts That Will Change How You Eat

Today I’m sharing my top 10 best nutrition posts on various topics to give you tips and resources on eating well!

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I have so much content over 12.5 years of blogging! There are posts that I don’t even remember writing. My thoughts on certain topics have changed over the years, and there are others that I feel are so important they are worth sharing again. I went to my nutrition page and sorted through the dozens of posts looking for what I feel are the 10 most helpful topics. I wanted them in one easy-to-find resource page where readers can Pin (all of these graphics are Pinterest-optimized!) and browse as easily as possible. I’d love to hear which post is your favorite!

10 Nutrition Posts That Will Change How You Eat

1. The Importance of Good Nutrition

But WHY is an apple a better choice, and why does that even matter? That’s the question that RDs get to answer. Here’s my take on the importance of good nutrition and why what you eat is closely intertwined with how you feel.

2. All About Groceries

From our non-meal plan, to staples I can’t live without, quick dinner staples and meal ideas, here’s how we approach groceries in our house, including an example of a week’s worth of dinners and lunch/breakfast staples “without a plan.”

3. Alcohol: Practice v. Preach

I have complicated thoughts about alcohol. On the one hand, I think it’s delicious, relaxing and fun to drink. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s really all that good for you, and hangovers and empty calories leave me with regrets. Writing about alcohol is a touchy subject that can easily be interpreted to sound like one has a drinking problem – my intention here is just to keep it real.

4. How To Gain & Lose 5 Pounds

I can maintain my weight well using intuitive eating alone, but it’s much harder for me to lose 5 pounds without tracking something. Here’s a breakdown of how I personally can gain or lose 5 pounds. I feel SO much better when I’m on the lower end of these 5 pounds — inside and out.

5. 6 Ways I Cut Back on Sugar

I decided to cut back on sugar after realizing that I was having dessert twice a day. Here are three tricks that helped me kick the sugar habit.

6. 10 Tips for Prenatal Nutrition

Years ago, I wrote a post on Baby KERF on Prenatal Nutrition. While there is some overlap with today’s post (like taking a prenatal), my emphasis this time is more on food choices and less on individual nutrients.

These are general recommendations and you should always talk to your OB before making any significant changes to your dietary intake.

7. All About Fiber

Everybody knows fiber is good for you and part of a healthy diet. But do you know why? When most people think of fiber, you probably think about raw vegetables, beans, and bran cereal. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. So, what exactly is it?

8. Organic Milk: What, Why & How

I use milk in my breakfast nearly every morning – whether I’m making a foamy cappuccino, adding protein to my oatmeal or eggs, blending it into a smoothie, or soaking my oats in it. In this post, I share why we always choose organic when it comes to milk.

9. Fueling For Sports

Curious how to fuel for a workout or activity? In this post, a certified specialist in sports dietetics gives a ton of recommendation for when and what to eat to properly fuel your exercise.

10. Real Food Series

If you’re craving (ha!) more info on all things nutrition and eating well, check out my Real Food Series where I share everything from Shopping for Real Food and Ways To Eat More Real Food to How To Eat Real Food, and more.

Bonus: 5 Of My Favorite Nutrition Books