21 Fantastic Snack Recipes with Oats

Break out of your oatmeal routine with 21 healthy snack recipes with oats! From bars to granola to muffins, these satisfying ideas are great to have on hand for busy weeks and are full of protein and fiber to keep you full. 

OATS. Honestly, what can’t they do? Never have I ever met an ingredient so versatile. Cookies? They’re up for it! A hearty breakfast? Obviously. Don’t get me started on their power as a flour.

Today we’re focusing on one of my absolute favorite uses for oats – SNACKS.

Snacking is so darn important when I’m running around on a busy day (which is every day). Conquering the hunger monster has never been easier than with these recipes, my pals!

I like to make a batch of something on the weekend to have for grab-and-go noshing. From bars to muffins to granola, there is something for everyone in these healthy vegan snack recipes. The only remaining question is…which one to make first?

Oat Rawnola from Feasting on Fruit