3 days, 3 pool parties

We got in the pool!

A few of them actually. ‘Twas the weekend of pool parties. (And yes that’s sunscreen all over my face – lol!) Swim dresses were the theme of the weekend. (This one is old school Title Nine!)


On Friday afternoon Mazen and I went to Sarah’s for a 5th of July party (yes that’s a thing!) I didn’t take many pics because my phone was tucked away in my pool bag, but we had loads of fun! I had grilled flatbread and kale pesto and kale salad and half a burger plus a yummy themed cake.

Thomas and Birch had a guy’s night at home and he texted me this sweet photo before bedtime.


I went to bed early and got up early to head to ACAC for a special workout class. I look forward to it all week.

Came home to baby in jammies + lots of snuggles. {Baby shark jammies.}


I had quiche + berries for a post workout brunch. (And a date with sunbutter + coffee for a preworkout snack.)

The mail came with this epic delivery from Winc. I’m good on reds but was low on summer whites so I ordered some party wines. I just love all these pretty bottles! (FYI, my link gets you $22 off your first order!)

A few hours later lunch was leftover farro salad with grilled chicken, cheddar, avocado, and greens.

During B’s naptime Mazen got it iPad and we all had a nice rest period. I did some kindle reading and took a great little nap myself!!

Pool party #3

After naps we headed to a different friend’s house for our final pool party of the weekend.

It was so hot we jumped right in!! Birch was so happy to relax in his little pool floatie that we brought home from our trip to Florida.

Dinner from Moe’s BBQ!

My wearable Turkish towel was awesome! I tied it up as a sarong and it was ideal to have a towel and coverup in one.

It was so awesome to get to the party mid-afternoon and have the boys asleep by 8pm. We got home at 6:30! T and I watched the Handmaid’s Tale after the boys were in bed. It’s so heavy and dark this season, but still so good.

To wash off the grime, we’ve been loving the Counterman charcoal body wash. 100% awesome.

And my Trader Joe’s s’mores bites – yes!!


Thomas surprised me with this new Yeti for on-the-go use since my mug doesn’t fit in cupholders. He found it 30% off at Whole Foods! Yetis are life changing!! The mouth opening is the perfect size, they are dishwasher safe, insulated, and an awesome texture. I love the mug most because of the handle and the low profile means it’s not tippy at all (aka kid safe-r).

Thomas loves Sunday breakfast, and he handed me this plate around 9am. Husband of the year!

Also: brother of the year <3 (Alllllsooo….Birch looks huge!)

We did a bunch of housework and watched the USA women’s soccer team kill it!!!!

Then I had this salad for lunch. Little of everything!

Thomas spent the day doing this, and then we ate it for dinner!!

Hope you all have an easy transition back to a full week!