35 Gifts for Every Type of Husband (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

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Even though you’ve probably spent more time than ever with your husband in the last year, you might still be stumped when it comes to choosing a Valentine’s Day present. You may have gotten him something he really wanted for Christmas already — or, depending on how long you’ve been married, you may have hit all the usual marks in previous years. To try and make shopping for your spouse easier this year, we’ve rounded up picks (and gone through our archives) to find suggestions for all kinds of husbands — from those who swear they don’t want anything to the ones who have developed a new hobby in lockdown, like bird-watching or pastry-making. Whatever his interests, we’re confident you’ll find a perfect gift for him this year.

For the husband who likes to celebrate every ‘monthiversary’

Slightly more left field than gifting a set of Champagne coupes, and the perfect token to say “here’s to another 39 months.”

For the husband who knows his starlings from his sparrows

Some binoculars, whether he bird-watches from his balcony or a nearby wetlands, would be a thoughtful gift.

For the husband with a recipe spreadsheet

Photo: retailer

Not only does this feature some interesting recipes (like black-pudding meatballs), but it’s got loads of ideas for how to use leftovers in other dishes.

For the husband who still says thank-you the old-fashioned way

A stack of tasteful cards for his desk would go down well.

How about a nice pen to go with it? This was one of the highest-rated pens when Strategist UK editors tested 87 different options. The gel-ink allows for a nice flow, but crucially, it dries quickly — so no smudging.

For the husband who is trying to reduce his plastic use

Mason du Savon de Marseille’s soaps are handmade in the heart of Provence. Eminently giftable, and less plastic than a bottle of Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique.

For the husband who borrows your lip balm

An inexpensive (but luxe) way to say “get your own.”

For the husband who always asks you to carry his hand sanitiser, lip balm, and keys

It’s also a good place to stash a face mask.

For the husband in a sourdough-induced rut

Let 2021 be the year of laminating pastry dough.

For the husband who brunches in his PJs

A couple of these would look nice next to your De’Longhi.

For the husband who hates queuing for take-away coffee

This on-the-go Aeropress is compact enough that all the components fit into the keep-cup-style travel mug.

For the husband who can’t stop doomscrolling

If he’s looking for for a new hobby, we recommend chess. This affordable set folds up when not in use.

For the husband who can’t stop doomscrolling in bed

A more extreme (but comfy) way to stop looking at Twitter.

For the husband who misses galleries

A Who’s Who of surrealist artists (like Salvador Dalí and René Magritte) feature in this 1,000-piece jigsaw.

For the husband who misses hotel toiletries

Gift him something from his favourite place — this is part of the Cowshed range they stock at Redchurch Townhouse.

For the husband who misses his barber

Too much hair? Stick a hat on. Buzzcut gone wrong? Stick a hat on.

For the husband who manages to lose his keys (even while working from home)

(It can also be tucked into a cardholder or wallet).

For the husband who never charges the Dyson

Photo: retailer

This robot vacuum can clean for up to 100 minutes and will take itself back to the charging station when it’s low on juice.

For the husband who signed up to RebelRebel

Whether he’s signed up to HIIT or boxing classes, this mini massager can help relieve tension or knots.

For the husband starting his (third) Game of Thrones rewatch

This Bluetooth sound bar was highly rated by customers on Amazon for having a rich bass sound and being easy to set up.

For the husband who is fidgety

Romesh Ranganathan told us he likes to fiddle with one of these while he’s on work calls.

For the husband who is a front-line worker

An actually nice hand spray makes for a lovely gift. Case in point: this citrus option, which photographer Rankin is particularly fond of.

For the husband who is gave up on dry January

2021 has already been a lot.

For the husband who stans Esther Perel

This couples card game might tide him over until the next season of Where Should We Begin?

For the husband who likes his Air Jordans box fresh

These individually wrapped wipes are small enough to chuck in a weekend bag (when he can finally go away again).

For the husband who gave up meat this year

For the husband who gave up takeaway this year

This simple cooker will provide soft, fluffy rice every time — but if you’re looking for something for more specific, we have researched lots of options.

For the husband who works from the shed

This aroma diffuser, which you can fill with essential oils, might combat the smell of creosote and make his space feel more relaxing.

For the husband who insists on working from bed

Consider gifting him a subtle hint.

For the husband who is (already) Zoomed out

Board games (especially ones that just require two players) have been best sellers during lockdown. The rules of Codenames are relatively straightforward: Players must make associations between words as they cooperate to identify targets — with a limited number of guesses.

For the husband who has vowed to get into skin care in 2021

This is a lightweight gel moisturiser that one Strategist UK writer swears by.

For the husband who is already planting autumn bulbs

We like Haws for interesting-looking watering cans — they’ve been making them for 130 years. This one comes in a pleasing cherry red.

For the husband whose only New Year’s resolution was ‘be more cosy’

Make padding around the house on a Sunday night feel luxurious.

For the husband who can’t wait to travel

This book captures everything from the intricate geology of China’s Wulingyuan National Park to the flower-filled meadows of the Dolomites — and would be perfect for someone yearning to hop on a plane in 2021.

For the husband who can’t wait for more Bridgerton

Or, if he’s happy on the sofa, then a soft, cosy blanket will do the trick.

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