3x Happy

Happy 26th ???? Happy Friday ???? Happy Summer ????

We started our week off with a pool date with some of Birch’s friends. I love how they look like they’re mid-conversation here.

Birch: “I’m gonna drive this truck right over your leg Fern!”

Fern: “Don’t you even think about it boy!”

Harrison: “Simma down you two.”

The Best Cilantro Lime Dressing

While at the pool (Farmington for you locals) I had this delicious salad that came with a cilantro-lime dressing that was out of this world. Remember how I used to make cilantro pesto all the time? This was the dressing version of that. Must re-create! (Paging Della…)

Soccer Playoffs + Repeat Tacos

On Monday night we had CRAZY storms blow through. The radar looked ominous. I thought there was no chance we’d make it to our final soccer game of the season. But suddenly the storms passed as soon as they came and the rain stopped and it turned out to be a cool and misty perfect evening for soccer. We lost our game, so our summer season is done, but fall is just around the corner!

For dinner we had leftover tacos from our dinner with Larbs + Matt.

And for dessert, turtle brownie in a jar from Plenty. OMG – amazing caramel!!

Chocolate Smoothies + New Outfits

Birch sportin’ his new Kickee Pants outfit from Green Bean Baby Boutique! (PS. If you go to their website you’ll see Birch + Fern the baby models!)

Mazen requested chocolate peanut butter smoothies for breakfast all week. I always make a big batch so I can have the leftovers. Chocolate smoothies are not my favorite for some reason – I honestly don’t crave chocolate first thing in the morning (I’d rather have a berry smoothie) but if I have chocolate in my friend, that’s what Imma eat.

Blueberry Overnight Oats

Also on the breakfast menu: OO! With layers of blueberries, banana and sunflower butter.

Smoked Trout Is Back

Both Birch and I had smoked trout from TJ’s for lunch one day. I ate too much of it a few years ago and got a little tired of it, so I had forgotten how good it was!! Sardines need to make a comeback too : ) Also: candied pecans are a MUST for home salads these days!

Kale Pasta Salad

This salad from Plenty went from mason jar to bowl in a flash. You can’t see them, but there were roasted tomatoes involved too that really pulled the dish together with their caramelized sweetness. I get so many great ideas from Della, and I must roast some tomatoes as soon as our garden ones are ready!

Creamy Gnocchi + Kale

More kale in another delicious Plenty dish. I’m still ordering 2 entrees and 1-2 lunches from Plenty each week and I’m not sure I can imagine life without it! These gnocchi were clouds of perfection.

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Chicken Shawarma Bowls Al Fresco

After our intense heat wave last week, we had some super chill weather this week that made me start dreaming of pumpkin beer. I know, I know – way too soon! We still have a beach trip left this summer. But there is just nothing like crisp weather in the 80s! We ate dinner out on the deck, and it was lovely.

Ideal Running Weather

Every time I stepped outside this week my body braced for a blast of heat + humidity and when I was greeted by a cool breeze it was so different! That cool front made for ideal weather for an outdoor run. I ran 3 miles to an Aaptiv coached run with Meg alternating jog, run, and walk intervals.

Baby Shark

Baby Shark alternated between sit, crawl, and plank intervals! Look at him go.