5 Habits I’m Changing

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Atomic Habits

My mom recently read James Clear’s Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. Since then, habits are her favorite topic! She wrote a blog post about her quest to change her everyday habits, and at the time she had 43 she was working on. Lest you think she has that many bad habits, she has broken some bigger ones down into several layers, so she’s tackling one at a time. (She is so nuts about the book she is giving away two copies so go over to her blog and enter!)

Your Daily Habits Matter Most

I have always lived under the mantra that the things you do everyday are what make or break your health. Having a giant piece of cake or 3 glasses of wine every other week isn’t going to make much of a difference in your overall health, but stopping for a daily grande Starbucks drink or drinking 3 glasses of wine a day will have a big impact. So with that in mind, your daily habits are really quite important. Since mom and I have been talking about habits so much, I decided there were a few that I could work on as well.

Here Are Five Habits I’m Working On

1 // Taking my supplements

I admit I am the worst at remembering to take my supplements. I have tried morning routines and evening routines yet I still forget to take my multivitamin, probiotic and vitamin D more often than not.

The change: I set a reminder on my phone that goes off every day at 9am. It’s really annoying, which means that I am eager to make it go away ASAP. Needless to say I haven’t missed a day since creating the reminder.

2 // Having something sweet after lunch

Many of the habit research says that you can’t just delete a habit and expect to just will the craving away. Because it’s easier to add than subtract. I know that the #1 reason I reach for sweets after lunch (or dinner) is to cleanse my palate. Sometimes going straight to toothpaste or gum is a bit too harsh of a palate cleanser though. I can’t really explain why.

The change: I’m having fruit instead! Cherries, a strawberry, citrus, watermelon. Summer is the season of wonderful fruit, and fruit makes an excellent palate cleanser.

3 // Reading more

This one comes as no surprise because I decided to write a whole post about it! I really liked many of your suggestions in the post’s comments.

The change: M-Th nights after putting the kids to bed we read. Weekends are for shows and movies.

4 // Chip Overload

I have a habit of pulling out a bag of chips (I’m looking at you Stacy’s Pita Chips!!) and munching on them while I’m making lunch. This is usually because I’m starving and can’t make my lunch fast enough! Snacking at the counter directly from the bag is never a good idea!

The change: Of course I can have chips with my lunch if I want some, but the bag can’t come out until I’m ready to sit down.

5 // Just do it

And an emotional one for mom! I never wait to the last minute to complete a project because I do not work well under pressure. BUT I do procrastinate in general. Sometimes I’ll bump a task down my to-do list all week because I’m avoiding it. I’ll wait for the perfect uninterrupted block of time to start something when if I had just chipped away at it I could have finished it in 4 smaller time blocks. This post is a good example!

The change: Learning to chip away! For a blog post, for example, I’ll tell myself I don’t have to do the focused writing part, but I just need to do the title, photos, and a quick heading outline of the post. Just doing that much makes the writing part so much easier when I do have some quiet time to write.

What is your best habit? What is one you’d like to change?