5 Health Changes I’m Working On

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Here are five health changes I’m making this summer and the small tweaks to set me up for success. 

I’m sure you know the feeling: You’ve been humming along at life, busy and distracted, and realize that you haven’t really focused on your health much lately. Every now and then I like to do a check in with myself and figure out some small tweaks I can make to set myself up better for success. Here are a few of those reflections and 5 health changes I’m working on to focus in on the areas of water, strength, walking, dessert, and wine.

5 Health Changes I’m Working On

Getting intentional with my water consumption

While my giant 32 ounce Hydroflask follows me around my house all day, I admit I am not the best at drinking from it! I tend to use thirst as my guide to drink (naturally). And unless I’m sweating in the sun, I don’t feel thirsty all that often! But we all know how good H20 is for you, and I decided I wanted to be a little more proactive with my water consumption. Thus, I’m trying to drink one whole bottle (32oz) before lunch and one whole bottle after. It’s a loose goal, but I am doing better! I’ll tell you: drinking water is b-o-r-i-n-g but it always always makes you feel better.

Sipping water while writing this post!

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Focusing on strength

As I detailed in this post, I did so much cardio in March and April when I was away from the gym. I probably did one strength workout each week. I decided that I missed feeling more toned, and I started doing weights every other day. Most weight days I have been doing a You Tube class with Sydney Cummings. I LOVE her style, and her channel is great because I can watch them for free right on my big downstairs TV. (I know others love the Peloton and other apps, but I can’t get them on my downstairs TV.) Sydney has all kinds of classes and different times too, so I choose the style, time, and focus based on how I’m feeling that day. On the non-strength days – I walk! Sometimes I run and sometimes I do a HIIT class, but mostly just walking because it’s so relaxing.

Favorites I’ve done:

I made a walking desk out of my treadmill

Speaking of walking…I’ve been walking during calls and while watching courses on the treadmill! I took our dining room table leaf and flipped it upside down on the tread. (*do not try this at home). It’s heavy enough that it doesn’t slip. Perhaps long-term I’ll have Thomas make me a more permanent sturdy version. But while I’m doing Beautycounter calls or checking emails, it’s been kind of fun to get my workout in at the same time. (I’m usually doing this during Birchie’s afternoon nap). The most I’ve done was 3.5 miles (at incline 5) doing an hour and a half of work! That is the definition of efficient. It’s also about the max I could do in a day – I could never have a walking desk for an 8 hour workday! I needed a good foam roll after my hour+.

walking desk on treadmill DIY

Typical: Cutting back on sugar

I am all about desserts when the time is right – an ice cream cone mid afternoon on a hot day, a slice of cake at a party. But I feel better when desserts are reserved as a “sometimes” occurrence than a daily habit. Dark chocolate is the exception – a square or two a day is always encouraged! But nightly dessert bowls after dinner? Thomas and I got a little too used to having ice cream after dinner for a while there, and I made the decision that I would reverse that habit back for a bit. It was an easy change to make (surprisingly the easiest of them all!)


A change that wasn’t so easy is going back to wine on the weekends. I’m not sure if it’s feeling like so much has been taken away during the pandemic or a reaction to actually following a program for a year (or both) but it’s been hard for me to say no to a class at 5:00 during the week! It seems the nights that Mazen is with his dad are the ones that feel a bit more like a vacation and I find myself craving that glass at the end of the day. Progress not perfection is my goal here, and I’ve been doing better taking some nights off.

What health changes have you made during this crazy 2020 year?

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