5 Ways to Reduce Stress In Your Life Starting NOW

Everyone suffers from some form of stress whether it be the daily grind or something more serious. Reducing stress is the most important thing that can be done to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle.

A quick Google search will bring up thousands of ideas from life coaches, classes, doctors and medicine.

There is a far simpler and easier way to reduce stress.

Adopt Any One of these 5 Stress-Busting Habits and Your Life will Improve

#1) Meditation / Spirituality / Religion

Meditation is always a go-to when needing to reduce stress. It allows you to focus on yourself in that present moment and get rid of those wandering thoughts. It’s not something that is hard to do, and many do it already without realizing that they are. Have you ever heard,

“I just need 5 minutes to collect my thoughts?”

What that person is doing is a meditation form of meditation that works for them.

meditation means dissolving unawareness

To go a little further, spirituality, a belief in something greater than oneself, helps with that idea too. Reading horoscopes, being thoughtful, or just talking to something that you believe is greater than you can have a profound effect on your stress and also it to is a form of meditation.

Lastly, religion can and does for many, play a role in this. Through prayer, people have prayed away stress, and that conscious contact that exists in prayer is a form of mediation.

However you meditate, meditation needs to be in your bag of tricks for reducing stress, but meditation alone cannot and will not reduce all of your stress…

#2) Creativity

Being creative helps to reduce stress because whatever medium you choose, you can take all that energy and channel it daily. Keeping a journal is a very effective way to reduce stress and clear out the clutter of your mind. Other options include painting, drawing, sculpting, and music. All of these give an outlet for that energy and help us channel this stress into healthy habits.

It’s not hard, nor is it time-consuming. There are countless moments throughout the day where decisions are made that move us off the path of a reduced stress life. Instead of sitting down to watch 12 episodes of Bob’s Burgers, watch four and use that extra time that you now have to do something creative.

Start journaling daily

It doesn’t have to be perfect, nor does it have to be a masterpiece. The act of doing is more important than the end result.

#3) Exercise

A simple one mile walk a day, can and will change your perspective. Stress comes at us from all sides. A stroll down to the corner store and back can affect a psyche change that lasts for a few hours. Seeing the bustling on the streets, hearing the chirping of birds, smelling the air; all of this creates an environment in our minds that helps to reduce stress. While the world is running at full pace, there you are, slowly achieving a goal.

If walking isn’t your thing, there are numerous other things to do, running, sports, cycling, going to the gym, Yoga, and much more. Being active helps get you out of your head and focus on what is in the here and now.

#4) Diet

Diet does play a role in stress reduction. What we eat and put into our bodies affects us more than we know. Eating two large order of French fries from your favorite restaurant may taste good, but the salts and the grease will leave you feeling lethargic; the added salt will increase your blood pressure, and the large soda that you drink to wash it down will give you a sugar rush, that at the end will leave you feeling moody.

Stick to water, lots of water. As well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid alcohol as the effects are temporary and actually don’t help to reduce stress.

#5) Lifestyle Changes

Probably the most important technique is a lifestyle change.

If you are suffering from stress and need to get rid of it, a change in lifestyle will bring about an amazing transformation. Get rid of the toxic people in your life. If you are able, start working for yourself. Those are drastic changes, but little changes help just as much. Ditch the social media.

a healthy lifestyle inspires greatness in your life

Turn your phone off when all of your people are home, and lastly, the most important thing is to manage your time. Put everything on a schedule, and if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it.

With these 5 techniques, you can lower and, in some cases, eliminate stress in your daily life.