A Day In The Life: Mompreneur

Missing old school KERF? Here’s a day in the life of a Mompreneur for ya!!


My alarm goes off playing Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams! Thomas and I get up but I’m slower than he is and he surprises me with coffee on my night stand <3


Leave house for my workout: Afterburn class. I have about 1/3 of my coffee before class but usually don’t have anything to eat. I greet my mug again on the ride home and am always so glad to have it!


Afterburn starts. This class is killer. I burn about 400 calories in 50 minutes according to my Apple Watch.


Back at home Birch is having breakfast. Thomas usually works until about 6:30 and then we tag team showering, breakfasts and getting Mazen on the bus. I take a speed shower and Birch terrorizes my room while I get dressed, pulling clothes out of drawers. I pick the room back up and we head back downstairs. He plays with his cups while I make breakfast.


We say goodbye to daddy who leaves for work. Birch didn’t eat much of his breakfast so he gets a second breakfast of yogurt and a little almond butter on a spoon (because he wants some of mine!)


I eat oats in a jar. Birchie and I play trucks for a bit while I have half a cup more coffee.


My babysitter arrives and I give B a big smooch before going upstairs to put on my makeup and brush my teeth (again).


I arrive at Grit Coffee and get decaf cappuccino and a cinnamon roll to take home for later. I put on my Mompreneur hat and work on my computer until 12, writing blog posts, working on a few site design tweaks, writing a newsletter, and voxing with some Beautycounter peeps. One reason I love going to 6am workouts is so I have a good chunk of uninterrupted focus time. It takes me a while to get in the zone and a while to come back out!


I’m back at home. Liz has just put Birch down for nap, so I have some lunch. I heat up a frozen meal from Splendid Spoon for lunch. They sent me some to test out. This is Cauliflower Tikka and is warming on a gray winter day. I love that the ingredient list is all real food.

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I’m back to work trying to finish posts before nap ends! I never know if that will be 1:30 or 2:30.


Birchie is awake! He slept well today, which has not been the norm lately. I get him up and we wait for the school bus on his changing table.


Mazen arrives home!! Matt meets him at our house because Mazen is going there for the night. Mazen and Birch play tag for a bit.


Snacktime! Birch has a yogurt drink and I have a few bites of my cinnamon roll. Almonds would have been a better choice!


Birchie and I head outside for a stroller walk. It’s a sunny day!


Once we’re home again, we play for a bit until Thomas gets home.


YAY daddy is home!!!


I sneak out to a quick appointment at ACAC. I am getting some cryotherapy on my foot to see if it helps my chronic pain. The therapy is 5 minutes of freezing cold air blown onto your foot. It feels about the same as putting a bag of ice on (aka not pleasant). I don’t know how much good the cold is doing, but I think the warming massage that comes after is helping a lot. Thomas gives Birch dinner – a cheese quesadilla, a veggie pouch, and bits of Thomas’s dinner – while I’m gone.


Back at home I enjoy leftovers for dinner – sausage, asparagus, roasted veg, brown rice. I added some greek yogurt on top too. I talk to Thomas while he plays with Birch on the floor.


Thomas heads to a volleyball and then out to dinner with his buddies. B and I play trains until bath time.


Bath time!


Stories and night night. (Look at those post-bath curls!!)


I do the last of the tidying until I settle in with the latest episode of Survivor and get in bed to read at 8:30.


Night night!

(Thomas gets home at 9:30!)

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