Early in 2001 TripleHeart.org was founded in Douglasville, Georgia in order to provide a location on the Internet for heart and other organ transplants, along with family and caregivers, to contact one another across the United States and around the world in order to receive encouraging emotional support, disseminate new medical information, share new avenues for financial resources, and, most importantly to provide a compassionate means of general communication while addressing the on-going challenges and journey of transplantation. The universal unmet needs, concerns, questions and responses discovered were so tremendously overwhelming that TripleHeart, Inc. was formed. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, TripleHeart, Inc. continues to successfully provide a forum for transplants that include both adults and children. Whether beginning the journey of transplantation or currently listed and waiting, individuals and their families now connect with one another via the net, phone or through newly established area support groups which help to eliminate frustration, fear and confusion.

TripleHeart, Inc. in Douglasville has now touched the lives of individuals as far reaching as India, Philippines, Scandinavia, England, Ireland and the Ukraine as well as the United States. A new avenue of help formed by TripleHeart four years ago, called “ProjectVALENTINE,” has grown from Douglasville to include specific needs of others in the Southeastern United States. Over the years thousands of un-used, but working cell phones with their battery and charger have been collected. Our donors range from individuals, civic and professional groups across the Southeast, annual university student cell phone drives in Alabama to the Department of Defense in Lowell, Massachusetts. These cell phones are used to call 911 to receive life-saving help. TripleHeart freely donates these cell phones to individuals and transplant hospitals across the country. To qualify, physicians and social workers have identified specific individuals in the transplant program who cannot afford to purchase a cell phone or pay a monthly service fee. We at TripleHeart have been told that lives have been saved by the generous contribution of others sharing a cell phone that was lying in a drawer un-used. Additionally, “Project GOOD SAMARITAN” is being formed to give monies to those identified as needing a transplant by the hospital, but do not have the additional necessary funds to allow a spouse to travel with them to another state for the required heart assessments for transplantation.

Although a homegrown company, we at TripleHeart are proud to serve those in need in order to make the daily life of another less fearful and to bring hope for a brighter tomorrow. For further information please call Joanne Kelley, President at 770-920-2324.

P.S. Please sign up today to be an organ donor and talk with your family about your wishes, so the “Miracle of Life” can continue. Suddenly having to choose to donate a loved one’s organs is a difficult decision at best. Yet it is far less difficult when decisions to donate have been discussed with family members about the “what ifs” in life. It is such a waste to be a donor and have that decision revoked or to the decision to be delayed an hour too long.


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