Affordable Home Office Decor

Ready to upgrade your work from home space with some budget-friendly finds? I’m sharing affordable home office décor from earthy elements and minimalist vibes to bright and bold statement pieces – something for every style! 

Pottery Barn Corner Desk

^^ one of my many versions of our home office ^^

I’ve always loved office supplies.

My parents used to take my sister and me to the Duke University Bookstore as kids, and I remember pursuing the binders and sticky notes and 50 shades of highlighters with stars in my eyes. My favorite section was the rows and rows of super cool pens! I still love a good pen! They had a little tester pad where you could try the pens out. I used to write “Katherine” all over the pad searching for the perfect pen point. 

Our Home “Office” Is Currently A Nook

I have never had one of those perfect offices, and I don’t know if I ever will. Right now our office is in the corner of our basement family room. It has nice natural light by a pretty window, and I love our Whitney Corner Desk, but it’s not one of those Pinterest-worthy styled work spaces.

Affordable Home Office Décor

Really, I have a stapler from college and mason jars my grandmother gave to me that I use to hold pens and scissors. My office is tidy, comfortable, and functional, but I still lust over the gorgeous office spaces that span the endless pages of Pinterest.

But I am a firm believer that a few décor tweaks and bring a space to life, so I’m dreaming of making our nook a bit prettier. (If only Thomas would give up the ugly black TV monitor he uses in the mornings!)

Today I’m sharing some more affordable home office items, from classic white writing desks and blue velvet chairs to $10 mini lamps and cheerful wall décor. 

For the Plant-Based Office (hah!)

Do you enjoy a natural, slightly earthy look with calming vibes? 

affordable home office decor - natural look

For the Minimalist Office

Do yo love a clean, minimalist look with a classy feel? 

affordable home office decor - classic look

For the Bold & Bright Office

Do you love bright and bold colors that add a bit of FUN to your workspace?

affordable home office decor - bright and bold look

Which office is your favorite?? I’m totally the plant-based style at heart, but the colorful office is calling out to me the most here!

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