Anniversary Dinner at The Clifton

The Clifton hotel in Charlottesville

The Clifton

We love being so close to our wedding venue, especially since we can have dinner there a few times a year! We went back to The Clifton for dinner on Tuesday night and spent some time walking around before we sat down. The boutique hotel changed ownership right after our wedding, and it’s been renovated and updated. It’s actually a lovely place to stay if you ever visit Cville for a little weekend getaway! It’s only about 10 minutes from downtown but you feel like you’re in the beautiful countryside (because you are!) We stayed for a few nights after our wedding and used the pool, hot tub, and restaurant. I highly recommend the Carriage House Cottage!

We went to the croquet lawn to remember our ceremony.

The croquet lawn at The Clifton

And snapped some pics!

She has a grand front porch

Front porch of The Clifton in Charlottesville

Dinner On The Back Terrace

Our reception was on the back terrace, so even though it was 95 degrees on Tuesday we knew we wanted to sit outside. The sunset was gorgeous, as was the view.

Salad To Share

We started with an heirloom tomato, peach, basil oil, and parmesan salad to share.

Heirloom tomatoes with peaches, basil oil, and parmesan

The Main Course

I had champagne to start and some wine to go with my lavender-crusted duck with orange-cedar butter sweet potatoes and a corn sauce. Duck isn’t something I order often, but I had to try the flavor combination. If you love lavender, you would love this dish. It was very good! Thomas had trout that he enjoyed as well.

Lavender duck at The Clifton


Our server surprised us with a tiny little anniversary cake, AND we had this deconstructed pumpkin cake with almond brittle crumble and pumpkin ice cream! We left full and happy.

Pumpkin Cake at The Clifton

The Chef’s Table

I had forgotten they offer a special in-kitchen chef’s table that I experienced with Karen years ago, so I would love to make that our next special visit. Perhaps for our 3rd anniversary!

Maybe next year we can stay the night as well. The Clifton for our anniversary is a tradition I hope to continue for years to come.