Apple Crisp Oatmeal + Our Weekend

A few weeks ago we were all so hot that we couldn’t wait for cold weather. And now – it’s freezing! I’m kind of enjoying the up and down temps though. (Not to worry – the space heater was unplugged! He’s just having fun with the buttons).

Friday Night In

We toyed with the idea of doing a Family Fun Friday night out to dinner, but Thomas and I agreed that it sounded a lot more relaxing to stay home so Birch could crawl around on our semi-clean floors. Our compromise was getting Mona Lisa fresh pasta with Bolognese sauce and opening some red wine. Plus Mazen had a friend over, so spaghetti was universally liked! I had a huge salad for lunch that say so I kept it simple with pasta only. Sometimes you don’t need vegetables at every meal. Just every day!

Saturday Morning: Snuggles + Apple Crisp Oatmeal

Soft Cinnamon Apples with peanut butter and granola over oatmeal = apple crisp oatmeal.

Back To Back Soccer

First I took Mazen to his soccer game – the last one of the season. He has gotten SO much better this year! Then I came home and Thomas and I left the kids with Nona while we went to a make-up game for our team. It was cold, but really fun!

Lunch On The Fly

I had a one hour turnaround to shower, eat, and get to the hair salon for a cut + highlight appointment. I had some leftover salad and pasta plus a frozen toffee cookie to refuel after our 90 minute game. Then headed in!

Before: A Halo of Soccer Hair

After: Ready for a night out!

Dinner Party

I scooped up the boys and we headed to our friends’ house for a fun casual dinner party!

On the menu: apps, shrimp + grits, brussels + kale salad, apple crisp!

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Birch loved the giant bean bags until we had to scoot him home for bath and bed.


Mazen and Matt showed up with 3 homemade cinnamon rolls. You can’t take the baker out of a…

Sunday Casual

I’ve been living in this new Athleta Distance Joggers I bought with my birthday gift cards. Finding a Petite size was so key! Joggers that sag at the ankles look like old school sweatpants, but finally I found a length that works for my legs. (Birch has been living in supersoft Kate Quinn!) Also: Allbirds 4 life!

I love casual Sundays. Thomas always works on on the exterior of the house and I work on the interior. I made baked oatmeal for Birch and re-organized some of our clutter zones.

We had our play off soccer game a 5pm – it was another cold game. Today is for sure a rest day!