Baby Feeding: Solid Foods + Favorites

Birch The Big Eater

Baby nutrition is one of the most fun parts of motherhood. And the most messy!! Birch is a very good eater, and he really enjoys mealtime. He’s eating three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – and nursing 4-5 times a day. I nurse him when he gets up for the day, after both naps, and at bedtime, sometimes with a bonus session if he doesn’t nurse well at one of the others. I usually wait about an hour after nursing to do a meal to create some space in his stomach.

Baby Led Weaning Or Purees?

We started out slowly with purees and pouches and have moved to mostly finger foods. I’ve had several people ask me if we were going to do BLW or purees like I have to choose between one or the other. We do both! I think there are good reasons to do both.

I look at pouch purees as the best way for him to get nutrients that would either take me a long time to make myself (ex: beets) and/or foods that he can’t chew all that well but are nice to get in his diet (ex: kale) or foods that we don’t always have fresh but he sometimes gets as finger foods too (ex: mango). But I wouldn’t want pouches or purees to be the only way to eat!

I try to give him veggies, fruits, whole grains, fats, and proteins at every meal, made up of finger foods we have on hand from our own meals. Surprising even myself, I didn’t do much homemade baby food making this time around because most of B’s meals come out of our dinners / leftovers. He’s been a better self feeder than his brother was, and it’s great for us to let him feed himself, mostly hands off, while we either eat ourselves or work in the kitchen/dining room. He’s had flakes of salmon, gnocchi, pasta, beans, fancy cheeses, pulled pork, guacamole, etc. – all from our meals. Plus the usual baby favorites: bananas, blueberries, muffins, scrambled eggs, french toast, avocado strips, baked sweet potato cubes, peas, shredded cheese, macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli and carrots, smoothies, yogurt, etc.

Blueberries + Muffin Crumbles + Yogurt Pouch for breakfast

Here are some of our MVP items for baby feeding this time around.

  1. OXO Tot Sprout High Chair // Shout out to our high chair because we love it – for its looks and functionality. I like that they tray is small-ish and easy to clean and the seat is wipeable instead of cloth. Also shout out to the OXO customer service who replaced the old tray for free when it had a sticking issue.
  2. OXO Tot Sippy Cup // Has a straw for easy sipping, no spill, handles for easy holding. The OXO Tot spoons are also our favorite. 
  3. Ezpz mini mat // This silicone mat suctions to the tray (or any surface) and is a great first plate. Dishwasher safe. Also comes in elephants and flowers! I’m going to order another one soon.
  4. Boon Feeder // I’ve mentioned this a zillion times, but I had to include it here because it’s been an MVP for those first few months when I was on super high alert for choking. Our favorite thing to put inside is a strawberry!
  5. Smock bibs // These have been AMAZING for keeping food off of B’s clothes and arms. It’s a lot easier to wash a smock than it is to wash a baby at the sink. They do get a little stained, but machine washing and sunshine help.
  6. Silicone Bib // Silicone FTW. I put this on top of his smock to keep the smock cleaner and because the pocket is big enough to catch food that he finds later and eats :mrgreen:
  7. Happy Baby Pouches (flavor variety, organic) + Once Upon A Farm (organic, cold pressed, B corp) 

Feeding himself oatmeal. This was before the mess really started!

Meals out of the house

Meals out of the house are always the hardest, again I think that’s when the pouches and puffs save the day! I also try to pick meals that he can share with me or bring a whole fruit like a banana too. We love the Lobster high chair for eating out, and also the ezpz mat I mentioned above which has its own little carrying case.

Banana at the pool!

Please share your best MVP feeding items and tips!