Baby Is Warm Outside

^^ How snuggly is he?! We were on a walk and I looked down and he was happy as a clam all bundled up.

Back To Routine

We have had a great week back to school + routine. Sometimes I think I prefer weekdays to weekends. Weekends can be so packed with activities that it gets overwhelming! I am lucky to love my job(s) as a businesswoman and mother (and I love the contrast and balance between the two.)


Here he is, King Birch, CEO of the household. Still not walking full time, but taking more steps everyday!

Taco Night

We had some friends over for tacos and set up the assorted bowls of fixins’ down the table.

I prefer to eat with a fork, so I always make a taco salad!

Turkey Soup

On Sunday, we made leftover turkey soup! We used egg noodles and veggies and lots of turkey. It was the perfect way to use up leftovers. (We followed a recipe loosely online but pretty much DIYed it and I didn’t take notes.)

More turkey soup for lunch the next day with half a grilled cheese!

Plenty Meals

We had two delicious Plenty entrees this week. First, the most DELICIOUS honey mustard chicken thighs with green beans and potatoes. I must get this recipe!!

Second, shrimp + sausage with veggies and yellow rice. Plus a stollen bite of a kids quesadilla!


My breakfasts were all consumed on the fly: a Daily Harvest smoothie, yogurt with cereal at my desk. I will do a better job of documenting next week! How ironic that I’m racing to eat fast to get to WordPress and then I have no photos to post!

Photos On Photos

We had a photo shoot with Cramer Photo this week. I can’t wait to share the pics with you! Sarah took a bunch of lifestyle photos of me to use for KERF, and we got a bunch of Birchie too!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend with time spent outdoors, relaxing soaking baths, and snuggles with your pets and children!

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