Bald Head Island: The Sun Edition

Here we are with part II of our recent trip to Bald Head Island! You never know how much you miss the sun till it’s hidden for half a week. We were all SO glad when the skies cleared up – and there was even a rainbow to mark the day! We put on all the sunscreen and stayed out on the beach all day.

Bald Head Island: Sun Edition

Mufasa and Scar sing about the circle of life

One great thing about Bald Head Island’s beaches is that the beach along South Beach is only part Atlantic. It’s the southern side of the island, so the waves are smaller than along East Beach (which is obviously on the Eastern shore). South Beach also has lots of tidepools so small kids love to “alligator” through them!

Here’s the sand fort we made in the side of the cliff!

Natural Slide!

Cousin bonding!

It was so cute to see these two play!

This is the watermelon bathing suit I bought for Emerson!

Always bring a blow up pool. And a Beach BUB!

Loved this hat!!

And my Kohv sunnies!

Beach Eats

You know what time it is!! Time for the Low Country Boil. I’m going to update the recipe page soon because it’s long overdue.

Lunchtime Taco Salad

(with leftovers)

Biscuits + Eggs from JM Stock

7 going on 17


You’d think this guy would have slept soundly from all the playing he did, but I think he was overtired (or getting his fourth molar) because the last 2 nights he didn’t sleep well at all.

Until next time!

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