Beach Finale

We are home! We had a grand old time at the beach. Our last few days had some iffy weather, but luckily it was not a total wash. (And luckily there were no August hurricanes!)

{Missing Melissa}

Mr. Birch really seemed to enjoy the change of scenery, and he ended up liking the sand. He only tried to eat it once, surprisingly. He did carefully select several snack-looking shells from the sand to eat, so he had to be closely watched. And he loved his little pool!

Date Night At Kimball’s Kitchen

On Thursday night Thomas and I snuck away for a date night at the Sanderling Resort (where we got engaged!)

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We went to Kimball’s, which is the restaurant where we had dinner right after our engagement! It’s such a fun tradition to go back.

We shared a burrata and tomato app, which was delish.

And for our entrees, T had seared tuna and I ordered scallops with crab and arugula. Both were so good, and we were stuffed! But not too stuffed to go home to a slice of Nona’s Key Lime Pie!

Final Beach Day

Many of you asked me about my sling. It’s a mesh water-safe one from Amazon that you can wear in water. I actually haven’t worn it in water yet, but it was good to know I could get sunscreen on it! I wouldn’t recommend it for long beach walks, but it’s great for a quick baby wear sesh. Also from Amazon? This travel white noise maker. It’s 100% awesome.

And Birch’s little suit is Amazon too!

One Piece 4 Eva

Many of you commented on my suit too! It’s by Albion Fit and SO comfortable. I loved the high neck so the girls stayed in from all angles. I also have this crop top which is basically a sports bra and was so nice for the ocean. I want to buy 10 more of their suits, but they are not cheap. Wearing a one piece to the beach was a total game changer. I felt like I was wearing athletic clothes. When waves crashed into me I didn’t have to adjust my straps or pull up my bottoms. I don’t know if I will ever wear a bikini in the ocean again!

Final Happy Hour

Two parents, two laps!

Our Beach Video!

In case you missed it…


We woke up at 5:45 on departure day and hit the road before 8 to beat all the traffic. It was a smart choice because we were home by 1:00! Lauren house sat for us while we were gone and took such good care of our Gussie dog. He is walking much better!

It’s Time To Get Back To A Routine

I secretly love the end of summer. I did a good bit of meal prep yesterday. Mazen starts first grade on Wednesday. I cleaned out the pantry. I think my house is due for a big organization overhaul too! For our family at least, summer is over.