Beach Trip to Duck: Part II

Here’s part II of our family summer beach trip to Duck. If you missed part I, read it here!

Our Beach Trip Family Crew:

I left off with blue skies

The post storm blues were bright! We spent two days going back and forth from pool to beach.

Breakfasts + Beach Time

Thomas worked on this paint by number each evening the whole week. The kids (luckily) didn’t need to open their canvases because we got lucky with the weather. (We were seriously prepared for DAYS of rain!) Nona took the boys out for a few little adventures, but we otherwise didn’t really leave the house. (Also: COVID meant no going out to dinner or putt-putt kind of activities.) That was fine with me since I like to just relax by the water!

Grandpa’s beautiful bowl of fruit

He also makes a killer homemade waffle!

Beach Walks + 1 Run

I went on one run mid week. I would have loved to start every day with a formal workout, but that’s just not much of an option when you have kids. Thomas and I took B on a beach walk one morning in the carrier. (We didn’t bring the stroller, but that would have been a good way to combine child + exercise. It simply wouldn’t fit.)

Digging in the sand is good exercise

We played a little football in the evenings after the heat broke

My favorite time of day on the beach!

Invaders of the Jelly Kind

The ocean was invaded by jellyfish and some kind of biting bug! I’m not sure what because you couldn’t see them, but the boys all came out of the water crying of stinging and itching. You could see a few little welts. This didn’t keep Thomas or his dad from swimming, but the rest of us didn’t get in the water very much. It was also quite cold! However, by the last day the water had warmed up and the floaters were gone and Mazen spent hours playing in the surf.


More shell organizing!!

Last year’s suit still fit ????

Two more dinners

Fresh flounder in an herb and cream sauce, butter beans, salad and rice. We also got takeout from Cravings one night and had fish and chips, salad, and steamed shrimp.

Plus TACOS! #crowdpleaser

TWO birthdays!

Melissa and Nash share a birthday week. We had chocolate cake for Melissa’s and cupcakes for Nash.

These boys had such a fun week.

That’s a wrap for this year’s beach trip to Duck. And that’s nearly a wrap on summertime!

The end.