Beautycounter Lipstick: Why Clean Color Matters

I’m picky about my lip products, and I’ll tell you why. Beautycounter lipstick is not only the best I’ve ever tried, but its color goes on beyond clean. 

Beautycounter lip gloss

Beautycounter lip gloss

I’m one of those people who has to have something on my lips, not for the color but for the feel! I have a lip-something-or-other in every nook and cranny of my life: purse, car, desk, nightstand, by the door. There’s a different lip product for every spot!

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Many lipsticks on the market today contain ingredients you definitely want to avoid. What ingredients, exactly? Heavy metals such as lead, nickel, and chromium.

“Lipstick is especially alarming because you could ingest it and there’s no safe level of exposure to metals like lead. Plus, it’s something you may apply multiple times per day over many decades, so the metals can build up in your body.” – Margie Kelly of the Breast Cancer Fund and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Not only are we ingesting the product (about four pounds of it over a lifetime, according to one study), but we are likely also sharing it with our children when we kiss them or share our water bottles.

We all know lead is something to be avoided, right? It’s no longer in paint, in gasoline, in pencils – and yet it can be found in makeup.

In 2012, the FDA found that 400 shades of popular lipstick contained lead.

This neurotoxin can lead to negative health outcomes for adults and children alike, but children with developing brains are more susceptible to lead-induced harm.

hands holding Beautycounter lip products

hands holding Beautycounter lip products

What Makes Beautycounter Lipstick Different 

Beyond Clean 

Whether it’s daily lip balm or bold lipstick for a night out, I reach for Beautycounter products because I know that they are formulated with health and safety in mind.

Beautycounter excludes more than 1,800 questionable ingredients in all of their formulations—called the The Never List™. They go above and beyond to screen every ingredient against the highest standards. They even audit their mica suppliers.

Plus! All of their color cosmetics are tested 3x each batch for heavy metals, and they never use synthetic fragrance in any of their products. Two big ones for me!

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing 

Mica: Mica is the mineral known to give your favorite makeup products their shimmer, yet sourcing it can be sketchy since the industry has some seriously unethical practices.

In 2020, Beautycounter audited 100% of their suppliers to ensure their practices were responsible and ethical. To learn more, you can watch this powerful 12-minute documentary.

Vanilla: Harvesting vanilla is an extremely labor-intensive process, and the industry is historically notorious for human rights issues.

Beautycounter is committed to working with a woman-owned supplier to source the highest-quality vanilla, but also to improve the quality of life for their community of farmers. This responsibly sourced organic vanilla is an ingredient in the Beyond Gloss and Sheer Lipstick. 

Kath holding all Beautycounter's lip products

Kath holding all Beautycounter's lip products

Beautycounter Lip Products

We have several different lip options for all you lip product lovers out there:

Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick

With lighter pigment and a SUPER hydrating formula, this lipstick is a product many customers have swapped in for their lip balm! This is what I use for an “everyday” lip. The formula reminds of a tinted balm. These have a hint of vanilla scent – it’s divine!

Color Intense Lipstick

These longer-lasting colors are more heavily pigmented. Think of them more like a lip stain. I use them for my “going out” lips. They come in lots of colorful shades, from neutrals to bright and bold. These creamy lipsticks have a refreshing natural peppermint scent! I like the best with a gloss on top to “lighten” them up a little. 

Beyond Gloss

If you’re a gloss lover, ours are amazing! They are smooth, not sticky, and the applicator is great. The tube is a much-improved version with a nice oval shape for easy opening when you have lotion-y hands! 

  • Big Shine Duo: Bundle our new Think Big Mascara + Beyond Gloss in the shade of your choice to enjoy a 15% savings!

The Jellies

In the mood for a sweet treat? These high-shine, sheer, cushiony lip glosses pack an irresistible punch (without a sticky finish).

Lip Conditioner

I put this on every night before bed and it’s incredibly soothing and smooth going on. I love the Calendula scent!

My Favorite Shades

All Beautycounter lip products are designed to work on every skin tone. Here are my favorites to put on:

Sheer Lipsticks – Rose (pretty pink), Twig (neutral), Rosewood (serious/mature), and Pearl (clear shimmer) are my favs! 

Color Intense Lipsticks – Backstage and Little Black Dress! I tried Garden Party and couldn’t go that bright, but my friend Sarah LOVES it!

Beyond Gloss – Magnolia Shimmer all the way! Brulee is also gorgeous if you prefer a neutral. Dahlia is one of my favorites, too. 

Jellies – Sorbet is delish!

Balm – I love the Calendula!! More than Peppermint – shocking I know! I put it on every night at bedtime. 


Beautycounter lip products

Beautycounter lip products

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