Beautycounter Products For Dry Skin

Say goodbye to winter dry skin woes. Today I’m sharing my must-have Beautycounter products for dry skin that will hydrate you from head to toe.

Wherever you may be, you might be noticing your skin changing with the change of the seasons. Just like we often eat with the seasons (berries and fresh greens in the summer… pears, citrus, and squash galore in the winter), our bodies have varying needs at different times of the year.

With winter, we are often met with cooler, dryer temperatures, leaving our skin thirsty for moisture and hydration.

While my skin tends to be on the drier side year-round, I definitely notice changes to my skin in the cold, winter months.

It doesn’t help that we’re indoors more than ever this season and having the heat on constantly can make our skin feel parched. (Especially because I tend to sit on the floor next to the fire – literally burning the moisture off!!)

Here are a few tips to keep your skin happy & hydrated this season:

Eat watery foods.

The more water you can get from your food, the more water your body will have to naturally hydrate your skin! Think cucumbers, celery, and spinach.

I don’t drink as much cold water in the winter because I’m always cold myself, so food can make up some of that difference. 

Wake up to water.

Drink a glass of water upon waking (try warm water too!) Not only will water on an empty stomach hydrate you right away, it’ll also wake up your digestive system.

Continue drinking water throughout the day; if you’re feeling chilled, enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea. I often have tea when I am the coldest around 2-3pm. 

Skip the long, hot showers.

It may be nice to step into a steaming shower after being outside in the cold, but hot water tends to dry out our skin even more. (Ugh!)

The hot water coupled with soap removes our protective oils leaving us dry and itchy. Hot showers plus cleansers are double trouble.

If you must make the water scalding, try not to keep it that way the whole time. Once you warm up, notch back the heat.

Avoid foaming cleansers.

Harsh alkaline foaming cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils and can leave behind acids that make your skin feel tight and dry.

Even if you have oily skin, these cleansers can often do more harm than good as they tend to dry out the skin, causing it to produce even more oil to compensate.

Kath holding white marble tray of Beautycounter skincare products.

Beautycounter Products For Dry Skin

I use several of these products year-round, but they always steal the show from October through March. Here are my top recommendations of safer products for dry skin.

Hand holding open jar of Beautycounter's Supreme Cream.

For Face

Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream

The night cream is like buttah – and glides on thick. I can still feel it on my face in the morning – a nod to how well hydrated it keeps my skin overnight. If you could only buy one thing for your face, get this! 

When to use: Apply nightly to a clean face. I apply after my treatment product (the Countertime Radiance Serum or Overnight Resurfacing Peel). 

Face Oils

Lightweight and silky smooth, each facial oil is formulated with our propriety blend of 7 natural oils to nourish skin and improve radiance. Facial oils can be used alone to boost hydration or mixed into your favorite moisturizer or foundation to give your skin a luminous glow. 

When to use: I put a few drops into my hand and press it into my skin rather than rub. I use it a few times a week, after moisturizing.

Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm

This multi-tasking balm is brimming with uses and benefits. It’s a nourishing cleanser, a melting makeup-remover, and a deeply replenishing overnight mask. It also hydrates with nutrient-rich raspberry and cranberry seed oils and promotes a brighter complexion with radiance-boosting vitamin C.

When to use: a) apply to dry skin and massage into skin to melt off makeup and cleanse skin, or b) apply after cleansing and leave a thing layer on your face as an overnight mask. 

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream

A great option for those with combination skin, this advanced blend of hyaluronic acid, plum oil, and tara gum creates a protective layer to help replenish hydration and revitalize skin while you sleep — so skin looks youthfully smoother, softer, and more radiant in the morning.

When to use: Apply (1-2 pumps) nightly to a clean face. 

Lip Conditioner

This is the ultimate cure for dry, chapped lips! Nourish and protect lips with this ultra-moisturizing lip balm, formulated with soothing and softening avocado oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and jojoba oil.

When to use: I love having this next to my bed, and I apply before I go to sleep every night. 

For Body

Body Butter

Ideal for very dry skin, this rich body butter features shea butter and mongongo oil to hydrate and nourish, plus organic sunflower oil, aloe, and chamomile to soothe and smooth. Its thick, buttery formula melts into skin and absorbs easily without feeling greasy. 

When to use: Apply to skin after a shower or bath. It pairs especially well with the Sugar Body Scrub.

Melting Body Balm

This rich, luxurious body balm smells like coconut and pineapple had a baby with a Monoi flower scent. It looks like a think balm, and then melts into skin as a nourishing oil. I am obsessed with this on my upper arms, which get extra dry in winter, and I get whiffs of it all day!

When to use: Apply to clean skin after bathing. It’s great for dry elbows and cracked feet. 

Countermatch Adaptive Body Moisturizer

If you prefer a more lightweight body lotion than a thick butter or balm, this is for you! This is also the lotion I use in the summertime. The Countermatch moisturizer is hydrating, spreads easily, and not greasy at all. If you suffer from eczema, give this a go! It’s quick to absorb, and softens skin without a trace of stickiness.

When to use: Apply to clean skin after bathing. 

Hand Cream

With the extra amount of hand washing we’ve been doing this year, hand cream is more essential than ever. I have these hand cream in my purse, next to my bed, in the kitchen, you name it! It massages on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and leaves a subtle, refreshing citrus scent.

When to use: Apply to hands after washing or whenever the need a dose of moisture!