Better With Age: Countertime

Beautycounter’s brand spankin’ new anti-aging line, Countertime, came out this week, and I want to tell you all about it!

My First Impression

As soon as I got my hands on the six-piece collection, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I’ve been using Countertime exclusively for the past few weeks and have nothing but rave things to say! I was using the Countermatch line before, which I liked a lot. I have dry skin, and my face was loving consistent use of a serum, day + night creams, and eye cream. So I started out in pretty good shape. When I started using Countertime, I noticed an immediate step up in how hydrated my face felt, especially first thing in the morning. There are no good words to describe it (because moist, supple, and plump are all the worst words!) so let me just say that my face feels GREAT! :mrgreen:

What makes Countertime unique?

Beautycounter wanted to tackle the last frontier for clean beauty: anti-aging products that are both safe and work. Three years in the making, they created a plant-derived Retinatural Complex using two clean, groundbreaking ingredients: Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose. These two ingredients give results that are comparable to retinol but are safer choices.

Wait, retinol isn’t safe?

Retinol is a go-to ingredient in many anti-aging skincare products; however retinol is on The Never List due to potential safety concerns. For Beautycounter, it’s not worth taking a risk on retinol. Studies show that retinoic acid can have harmful side effects, including being a skin irritant and making the skin sensitive to the sun. In fact, both the EU and Canada have restricted the use of retinol. I’m glad to know this now because I was using products with retinol up until I got pregnant with Birch. (I suppose if it’s not safe for a pregnant woman it’s probably not safe in general, right?)

I found this chart really helpful to compare the two. Here’s a link to retinol at Skin Deep, a website by the Environmental Working Group to rate the safety of beauty products. (For a third party opinion you can search for many of Beautycounter’s products there too.)

What’s the Retinatural Complex?

A safer plant-derived alternative featuring Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose in each Countertime product. (Not just the serum – every layer has these active ingredients.)

  • Bakuchiol: traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic skin-care remedies, Bakuchiol delivers many of retinol’s skin benefits without irritation. (So it’s a good option for those with sensitive skin.)
  • Swiss Alpine Rose: grown at the highest altitudes of the Alps, it is known for its ability to protect itself against environmental stresses like dehydration and helps boost skin’s antioxidant defense.

Here is an article from Allure Magazine, “What Is Bakuchiol? Experts Explain the Benefits of the Natural Alternative to Retinol.”

What’s included in the collection?

  • Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil – I wasn’t sure an oil-based cleanser would make my skin feel clean, but it does! The oil is very lightweight, and it’s also great for taking off makeup. I love the light scent – it reminds me of tea leaves!
  • Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence – This is my favorite product of the entire collection! I’ve always had a love for toners and this is seriously the best toner I’ve ever tried. Although it’s not technically a toner – it’s an essence that “lends vital nutrients to the skin’s moisture barrier instantly boosting hydration and radiance.” It’s just thick enough that when you sprinkle it into your hands, it doesn’t fall through your fingers, making patting it on your face after cleansing easy.
  • Tripeptide Radiance Serum – This is where the magic happens. The serum’s goal is to increase skin firmness and elasticity (yes!) while reducing fine lines (yes!) via a powerful blend of peptides, amino acids and the Retinatural heroes. It goes on so smoothly – almost like a gel – and smells delicious, lightly of flowers.
  • Antioxidant Soft Cream (Day) – The day lotion has a subtle rose scent and goes on smoothly (seeing the theme here?) It brings out skin’s luminosity and layers well under makeup.
  • Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream (Night) – The night cream is like buttah – and glides on. I can still feel it on my face in the morning – a nod to how well hydrated it keeps my skin overnight. If you could only buy one thing, get this!!
  • Ultra Renewal Eye Cream – In addition to the Retinatural Complex, the eye cream has Persian silk extract to help reduce under eye shadows and minimize crow’s feet. Dab a little under and around your eyes with your ring finger each night. A little goes a long way, so this will last you a long time.

Why I am loving Countertime

While what’s most important is active ingredients are nutrients for my skin, what I actually like most about the line is how the products feel. Both as I’m putting them on and hours later. From the sustainable frosted dusty pink glass bottles, to the delicious scents, to the texture of each product, it just feels really good. People are comparing this line to La Mer (at a MUCH lower cost).

I know it’s annoying when people say this, but when I wake up in the morning: my skin still feels hydrated and dewy. It was what I noticed most when I first tried the line.

Each product absorbs quickly and they layer seamlessly (as they are intended to do as a regimen). I’ve been using the serum in the morning and subbing in the Overnight Resurfacing Peel at bedtime for a little bonus exfoliating.

I’m only a few weeks into using them, and my skin is looking more even and radiant each day.

Before you start to dissect my face, everything is progress not perfection people!

OK how do I get it?

You have two options for now:

  •  The Collection – all six products in full sizes. Bundled so you save about 10% off a la carte prices. The collection is the highest savings and best value and should last 4-6 months.
  •  A la carte – If you could only get one thing…. get the night cream! Two things – add the serum. Then the essence. But you’ll get the best results if you use them all together as a regimen.
  • Coming soon: the Regimen. This set will include everything but the eye cream sized to last about 3 months.
If you have loved anything Beautycounter in the past, you are going to want to try this line!

Want Countertime $100 off?

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