Big 7

Good morning and happy Friday!! We have a big weekend ahead with Mazen’s golden birthday: 7 on the 7th! Grammie + Pea are coming to town, I’m taking popsicles to his class today, we have his friend party on Saturday and a family dinner party on Saturday night to a fun place Mazen hasn’t been to before! Any guesses!?

Hidden Toys

Little boy wants to be a big 7 year old so badly! He loves Mazen’s toys more than anything but few of them are baby appropriate. I remembered I had the big Legos (duplos?) tucked away and brought them out so the boys could “play Legos” together. B likes to chew on them more than building towers.

We have a new babysitter!

Speaking of my little boy – we have a new sitter! I have waffled back and forth between hiring someone regularly, winging it, and trying to do it all. I decided that at least until Birch is down to one long afternoon nap I’m going to pay for a regular, consistent morning sitter. We’ve had her for a week and it’s been SO NICE. I’ve been leaving the house (!) from 9-12 and working in coffeeshops or at the gym. I’m trying not to feel guilty for paying someone to watch my child sleep because the flexibility and consistency is absolutely priceless right now when naps can be unpredictable anyways. And leaving the house has felt surprisingly refreshing. (Ask me again in the middle of winter….)

Smoothie in hand = portable breakfast on my way out the door!

Fluffy Smoothies

Increase your milk :: frozen fruit ratio and get a super fluffy smoothie! It’s been my jam lately. Plus some granola clusters on top.

An Unsung Hero: The English Muffin

We had some last week (the Vermont bread brand) and used them multiple ways!

First – as a burger bun. I loved how compact this burger was.

Second as a breakfast sandwich. This breakfast was actually made by Thomas! How sweet of him. Although I’m not sure about the tomatoes. I may be enjoying English muffins but I am not English :mrgreen:

We ran out of English muffins and I ate a leftover burger on top of a Plenty soba noodle salad.

And this week’s Plenty salad was quinoa with edamame and veggies in a carrot-ginger dressing that was so refreshingly delish! Plus heirlooms from our garden!

You guys know I put weird things on salads. How about little bites of quiche! I cut some up for Birch and put the rest on my salad.

He tried some herbed goat cheese and orange slices for the first time. Liked them both.

Hope you guys have a smashing weekend!