Birchday Week Recap!

Here’s a recap of our birthday week – including Birch’s second Birchday!

Love this photo of the little man!!

10/26 Recap

Rewinding back to the beginning of the week – here’s how we celebrated!

“Breakfast” in Bed

I woke up to Mazen carrying this tray up. Milk (in a wine glass :mrgreen: ) and frozen mini pancakes on a sheet pan tray – with a card!

If that doesn’t say 8th year old birthday I don’t know was does. He was super sweet and helped me enjoy some bites before I went down for a Peloton ride. Note his card says happy “Birchday” ???? 

Peloton with Friends

It was so fun to log into a live class with some of you who follow me and I followed back! I did a Cody Rigsby class – he said “Happy Birthday Kath Eats” before the class started (along with about 26 other people! Ha!) I got a PR in the class – 233 output. I still have no idea how some of you guys break 250+!

A Real Good Salad!

Chopt sent me a birthday email with a $5 off coupon and our fridge was bare after our OBX trip, so I took them up on it and got myself a nice big salad!

Birch’s Halloween Costume

We played around the house after school – Birch is going as groceries for Halloween! (I’m kidding). He ran around the house like this for a good 20 minutes!

Happy Hour

Celebration Bubbly! This was one of the Scout & Cellar bubbly cans, which are perfect when you don’t want to open a whole bottle but just want to cheer with a glass.

We debated all options for my bday dinner and decided on take out from Maya!

It’s one of our favorite restaurants and I didn’t want either of us spending to much time cooking or cleaning the kitchen. Plus the boys love their cornbread and mac and cheese!

I got my favorite catfish with carrots, broc, and cornbread. And I stole some of Mazen’s mac!

Where’s the cake?!

As someone who LOVES cake, Thomas was shocked when I requested pie for my bday. Mostly because we knew we were going to have cake for Birch’s 3 days later! 

Thomas picked up 3 pies from The Pie Chest!

  1. Chocolate Chip Whiskey (MY FAV!)
  2. Chocolate Chess
  3. S’mores

We dug in with 3 forks with Mazen (poor Birchie was already asleep, but we saved him a tiny sliver!) 

Birthday Surprise Happy Hour!

On Wednesday I met my friends for happy hour spaced out on Meg’s deck.

They surprised me with cupcakes and party hats!!

Time with girlfriends is so rare these days, and this was SO life giving!

Also this wine was life giving – delicious!!

10/29 Recap

Birch was born at 4:54 am so he woke up two yesterday! 

He seemed aware of his bday this year and kept saying “party” and “cake” all day!

When Thomas came home for lunch he ran up to him and said “Happy birthday Birchie!”

If you saw on Instagram, he knows he is now TWO as well. 

His actual birthday was a rain fest, so we played toys all morning, took a good nap and had a little party for him that night. 

He brought the tiniest runny nose home from school on Tuesday, so we went back to the ped for another covid test and he was out of school for a few days. I was sorry for him to miss his school celebration, but also it was kind of fun to get to spend his bday with him. 

Our neighbor dropped off a little gift after nap.

First candy corn!


Thomas picked out a handful of gifts so they were a surprise to us all! It was fun for me to see Birch open them. 

Mazen actually wrapped them all for us while we baked the cake. 

His favorite gift by far was this truck with a dozen trucks that fit inside. 

Plus train supplies and a T-ball set!


These year we made made the best homemade cake – at the very last minute! 

It was a team effort

Thomas baked the cakes (from a box mix, if you’re wondering)

I made the frosting (this recipe)

And Mazen added the sprinkles!

He was very pleased with his cake!

Birch plates made a comeback!

Light dinner

Quiche and salad for a light dinner…

Followed by CAKE!

Birch was so excited as we sang to him. He loves cake!!!

He ate almost all of his slice neatly with a fork. 

Have a safe Halloween weekend friends!