Blacked Out

Man I drank too much tequila last night.


The only thing we’re over consuming in this house is watermelon.

Watermelon teether

Today’s topic is black out curtains

You guys know I dragged my feet putting up black out curtains. For a few reasons:

  1. The cost of the curtains + rods
  2. Drilling into plaster walls
  3. I didn’t want part of my house feeling like a cave
  4. I love the clean look of blinds

But ultimately none of those reasons were really a big deal. I bought the curtains and rods from Target at a good price, Thomas is a pro with the drill, and I’m just having to put a little effort into opening the curtains after each nap.

I think they make the room look a bit more formal and dressed up. Maybe I am a curtain person after all!

Blythe Pottery Barn Dresser + Changing Topper // Rocking Chair

The curtains

Little Z Sleep recommended the Pillowfort ones, so I ordered them from Target in white with a blue trim. GREAT PRICE! They 100% black out the room, and I love that they still look bright when they’re open. I don’t love that the dresser’s color looks so cream next to the bright white curtains, but I did not want a pattern to compete with the rug + headboard and I wanted the curtains to melt away when open, so white + cream is what I get.

The rods

These are Loft By Umbra, and they wrap around at the edges so the curtain is flush to the wall and no light peeks in. (Note make sure you get the right size. I bought the 88″-120″ and we had a snag at install because the ends must be screwed in.)

Note the little head in the crib!

So are they working?

We couldn’t really tell a difference in sleep before + after (he’s still getting up around 6am) but I think blackout curtains are one of those things you won’t regret, especially as baby –> toddler. I doubt any baby is going to sleep worse with them, ya know?

B LOVES to look out his window after diaper changes <3 He also loves to grab the blinds, so we raise them up during the day.

Coffee Table Swap

Another change you may have noticed is our beloved West Elm coffee table has been moved to the basement. I knew this would have to happen when B started walking since it was a head-bonking risk, but we did it now because we desperately needed some carpeted floor space in the living room. You might recognize the little white ottoman that I had in here when I first moved into this house. It’s on wheels, so it easily moves out of the way or holds drinks when we need it to.

What I didn’t anticipate is how much I LOVE having the open space by the couch! When we got the bigger Pottery Barn couch the coffee table made things quite crowded in there, and had to walk carefully around it to get up. I actually love not having a coffee table because the room feels so open. I’m not sure what the long-term plan is. I don’t love the look of the tiny, rollable ottoman, so it’s just a temporary solution for now. Any suggestions?

We spend a lot of time playing on the floor now! Birch is so much better at sitting up on his own.

Hey that’s me!

Birch + Baby Kath

Most people say he’s all daddy + brother. I don’t mind because both are very handsome! But I think he looks like me as a baby a bit here. Also, look how dark my hair was! I think I was younger than him here. (Although always a Younger!)

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