Blue Apron Meal Prep For Stress-Free Dinners

This past year has been a mental health rollercoaster, so I’ve been meal prepping with Blue Apron to take one more thing off my plate (haha!) and make dinnertime stress-free. This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. 

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meal prep with Blue Apron

I used to have all the time in the world to meal plan and grocery shop. Now, just getting to the store stresses me out, especially when I’m trying to minimize indoor air exposure time.

Needless to say, meal planning with Blue Apron has been a lifesaver during a pandemic with kids. It takes the guesswork out of weekly meals and saves us so much time.

We only need to pick up weekly staples from the store or have them delivered to our porch, which is much easier if you have 10 things on the grocery list (coffee, eggs, milk, fruit) instead of 100. 

Whether you’re single, home with kids, or sharing your space with roommates, stress can get to you in many ways. I get it – we have a lot on our plates right now, which isn’t conducive to mental health. I recently shared about my increased anxious feelings during the past year. Trust me, I’m feeling it too! 

meal prep with Blue Apron

Meal Prep with Blue Apron

Blue Apron recipes used to take me longer when I first started using the service 6 years ago. But these days, I divide into two chunks: prep and cook. I spend 20 minutes during the day to prep the vegetables and sauces and study the recipe, and the other 10-20 minutes at dinnertime to execute the dish. It’s hard to find a couple hours to grocery shop and cook, but 20 minutes here and there – totally doable!

Kath and Thomas cheersing wine

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Another way we maximize Blue Apron is to order the four-serving option and have it two nights in a row.

We stretch one cooking session into two night’s worth of dinners. It’s the ultimate time-saver because not only do we save on cooking time, but there are fewer dishes to clean on those nights, too. (Especially with a broken dishwasher this month!!)

I strategically plan our schedule around the longer “cook days” versus the days we know we’ll be having the leftovers. On a leftovers night we might spend 20 extra minutes at the park!

chopped vegetables on wood cutting board

Cook Less, Relax More

If and when you’re not working from home, usually the last thing you want to do is spend time on your feet cooking dinner after a long day. The best part about Blue Apron is that many of the ingredients are measured out and ready to go, so you can pour a glass of wine and get a healthy meal on the table in minimal time.

Cooking becomes a bit of calm on days that seem all over the place. When I know someone else has done the measuring for me – I don’t have to think!

You can even select recipes based on the method – sheet pan, skillet, or oven-baked – to make the cleanup ultra-easy.

You’ll see these labeled as “Easy Prep and Clean Up” on the menu. Most of them take 25 minutes or less start to finish!

And if you’re not a seasoned cook, don’t worry. I find the recipe instructions with step-by-step photos to be very easy to follow. We honestly haven’t had a bad recipe or something not turn out. And I’m a better chef than I was last year for sure. 

But seriously – how delicious does this chicken and veggies dish look? 

Calabrian-Fig Chicken with Mashed Potatoes, Peppers, and Carrots

Blue Apron chicken dinner

Meal Prep with Blue Apron For Busy Days

When life gets stressful, Blue Apron has your back with low-maintenance, delicious meals designed for less time in the kitchen and more time for you.

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