Buried In Buries

Birch calls berries “buries” and it’s so stinkin cute! My grandmother used to say it the same way. She always had fresh buries and bacon for breakfast. The summer buries are tasting so great right now, but almost as exciting is the fact that they are half of what they cost other times of the year. (Note: I say ‘bearies’ with two syllables because I’m a Southern gal!)

Birch is starting school in a month

(Unless the world implodes, of course). While yes he will “only” be in the toddler class at the school, it still feels like a huge milestone! Starting a preschool program marks the transition from Thomas and me as the primary care providers to someone else. I know he’ll be in great hands, but I will miss seeing his every milestone. I there transitions are harder the second/last time because you want your last baby to stay a baby forever!

The Sayas are all grown up

Remember when these two were two?! Now they have grown-up teeth and roll their eyes at their moms! They will always be friends <3

I think he will be ready. Look at him charge ahead!


Lunch Salad

An arugula salad with artichokes, feta, currants, aged balsamic and chips. Why does it look small? Because I had half a kids quesadilla before lunch!

Lamb Dinner

Delicious grilled lamb prepared by Thomas plus mashed potatoes and peas!

I don’t drink much red wine in the summertime, but I opened this Fiddleneck Syrah to have with dinner and it was INcredible. If you want to learn more about Scout & Cellar’s Clean Crafted wine, I’ll send you some details and promos here.

Yogurt –> Oatmeal –> Smoothie –> Eggs

That’s my breakfast rotation! This was an egg day.

Snack Plate Lunch

Flavor Cville makes THE BEST HUMMUS. I am not really a hummus person, but boy is theirs good! It’s packed with herbs – dill primarily – and was not too garlicky or mealy. Cheese stick was rejected by Birch ????

No Bull Burgers

No Bull Burgers have returned to the lunch rotation! I picked up a few packs for lunches and either have one as a bunless burger (not that I’m opposed to buns but we just don’t keep them on hand) or over a salad. Yes that is also watermelon on the salad!!

Plenty Farro Salad with Hard-Boiled Egg

Another quick lunch!

Fish Taco Bowls

These were a huge hit! Thomas found a fish taco sauce at Whole Foods, and we added chips and avocado plus greek yogurt “sour cream” as well.

Have a great day!