This artist was awarded “Best Illustrator” in his class this year!

School is out for Mazen (he is thrilled). I can’t believe I have a second grader! I remember my own second grade year – the classroom, the Wizard of Oz play. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago. (But, um, it was!)

We’ve been doing lots of art.

My mom sent Mazen this paint-by-number of a dog, and we had so much fun doing it together! It took us half a day to complete (and we worked on it nonstop!) There are a lot of other designs – other dogs, lions, dinosaurs – and we want to do more!

Funny at one point I found myself working on it alone and both boys watching Peppa Pig behind me?!

Mazen really enjoyed it though, and we’ll be hanging it in his room!

Birchie got to do some real painting too! I found these Crayola pads in my art drawer leftover from Mazen (who ironically didn’t love art so much when he was younger). I can’t find the exact product on Amazon, but if you search “art for toddlers” there are so many great beginner sets. I’m going to get Birchie some more!

And play!

We’ve also been playing restaurant with all of our play food. Apron by Curious Chef.

And lots of “Atman.” No that’s not a typo – B calls him Atman minus the B! {Also note he’s playing with Superman! Haha} This is one of Mazen’s bat caves. Several of you asked on IG. Here are similar ones.

Living Skills Camp

Mazen was signed up for a bunch of different camps this summer. So far one (an art camp) was totally cancelled, a sports one is still on (we haven’t decided yet if he will go in July), and one moved to Zoom. This past week he made a giant bow in Living Skills camp over Zoom! I was a bit skeptical on how the virtual experience would go, and I have to say it went better than I thought it would!

This was a small camp, and the campers each had big projects to work on so they could work independently while the Zoom was on. Some were making crafts out of leather, and others were woodworking, like Mazen. The leader – Peter – did a great job managing the kids. He stopped by our house (we all wore masks) to help Mazen with the hard parts, like stringing the bow. (This would have been SUCH a cool camp in person – river swimming, fire making, leather sewing – the works.)

As for me…

I snuck in a workout in the yard one afternoon.

Enjoyed eggs for breakfast…

Grain bowl salads for lunch…

And pizza for dinner! Nona and Grandpa came over for a social distanced dinner.

I also bought myself some treats from Scout + Cellar

This Fieldhouse Rosé is amazing. And I have been loving their cans.

I also went stroller walking with my friend Ellen who has the new Allbirds Tree Dashers! They are Allbirds’ new running shoes. I wear my wool Allbirds ALL the time, but they aren’t exactly sports or summer friendly. Ellen let me try on hers on, and they were amazing. So much support and so lightweight. I also love that they can slip on. I am debating if I should get them!

I hope you guys have a good weekend.