Cats + Piggies

Mazen and I have been doing more watercolors. This is my portrait of the cat legend, Lillian Valentine. I had fun telling Mazen how she was his auntie cat in heaven. It’s too bad they never got to meet – they had similar strong personalities :mrgreen:

Mazen also had fun doing some digital art on Thomas’s work iPad (that came with the fancy pencil). This is Pennywise!!

Birchie’s animal interest continues to be Peppa Pig – and the Berenstain bears! I’ve had fun playing on the floor with him setting up little houses.

Here are some meals of late!


Plenty Cville has its own version of a sheet pancake. And this was anything but flat as a pancake! Hers was doubly thick and filled with strawberries!

Years later, the end of a PB jar is still VERY exciting to me!! Filled with hot whipped banana oatmeal, blueberries, and granola on top! (Need more overripe banana ideas – check out Anne’s post: Healthy Recipes for Overripe Bananas!)

Thomas picked up some bagels from Bodos (the drive-thru!) and we had them all week for breakfast. So chewy!


Sweet potato, beet + farro salad with Terra chips. (Remember those chips? I forgot about them but they went so well with the roasted beets and taters.)

Leftover tacos as a salad!


Beer with a lime for taco night!

Our weekly spread –

We switched it up with guac and blue sheets ????

Luce Pasta is a new place that opened downtown just before downtown shut down. We ordered two pastas and a kale salad from them recently and it was DELISH! The kids loved them too.

And finally – Daily Harvest now has scoops!!

Three flavors inspired by vanilla, strawberry and mint, all made from coconut ice cream. Guys I am not a lover of non-dairy ice cream styles, and these are GOOD! Super slow-churned creamy and not the least bit icy. The flavors are awesome too. The vanilla sesame is sweetened with maple and tasted like caramelized sugar. I love the strawberry compote swirl too. As always, you can get $25 off your first order through my link.