Checking In + Real Food Roundup

Hi friend. I think I speak for many bloggers that I am unsure how and when to proceed with my posts. Last week’s break was important. Jumping back into healthy living topics feels weird, yet I know we have to move forward. We have to learn how to blend the changes our country desperately needs within the real lives we live and the real conversations we have. Like I said on Friday, the seeds we had been planting were not enough. We are committed to planting more. Most of those changes happen offline and get no likes or shares. Please know if I am not screenshoting every donation or sharing every podcast I listen to it doesn’t mean I’m not participating. Because sharing is not the point. (That said, I recommend listening to the 1619 podcast.)


Here are some snapshots of life at home

Bubbles on bubbles! We have replaced the batteries twice we use it so much…

Brothers on brothers on books…

Birchie’s Smart Wheels Train Station is a big hit!! (Also I know ALL the songs to those vehicles : ) )

Real Food


The summer bagel kick is strong (and no I’m not pregnant – haha!) Also if I had had more I would have doubled the cream cheese on that bagel! We ran out.

It’s also yogurt bowl season. Loving all the fresh berries!! Plus homemade granola, bananas, and PB powder.

Leftover French toast with an almond butter puddle and raspberries.


This was one of those “everything but the sink” leftover salads. Inside (I think!) I combined: strawberries, leftover frittata, yellow peppers, goat gouda (our latest obsession) and a homemade dressing.

Plenty Cville caesar with salmon! I loved the dry breadcrumbs on top, the homemade dressing, and of course salmon that filled me right up.

It hasn’t been all salads! I had smoked salmon in the fridge and enjoyed that on a whole wheat bun with goat gouda, sliced pickles, mustard, and a side of chips.


Grill out night – BBQ chicken (which got a bit too grilled!), peppers and zucchini, and sweet potato fries.

Simple summer frittata. I used a dozen eggs, bell peppers, spinach, and a Mexican mix of shredded cheese. We had this for breakfasts + lunches the next day too. I need to make frittatas more often!

And finally – another Plenty Cville meal (a different week, actually, than the above salad). Salmon + potatoes + asparagus + yogurt dip on a busy Tuesday night.

First taste of wine!

J/K – the cup was empty. (And he is in fact wearing a diaper!!)