Chili Days and Our New Dish Soap Dispenser

There is nothing like a clean kitchen!

(And mine does not look clean 85% of the time)

My New Dish Soap Dispenser

If you zoom in on the sink, you’ll see my new dish soap dispenser!

I know I’m not the only one who would find joy in scouring the internet for the perfect mundane kitchen object!

I asked Instagram for recommendations and received varied responses from touch-free dispensers to popular home brands like Method, OXO and IKEA.

(I actually had that OXO one in the past – I found that the lid got too cruddy!)

I seriously almost bought the Simple Human touch-free one in Rose Gold that many of you recommended, but I just couldn’t swallow the cost! If it broke or I just didn’t love it, I’d be so mad about spending that money. I would also rather go through six $10 dispensers in 10 years than have one the whole time, so I opted to go with something much less. I also didn’t know if I’d even love the touch-free.

Here were my dish soap dispenser requirements:
  • Holds a regular (non-foaming) dish soap
  • NOT CLEAR container – in case we end up with a colored soap inside (such an eye sore!)
  • Matches my (foaming) hand soap jar dispenser (which I only put clear unscented foaming soap in)
  • One-handed operation

Here is the one I chose.

I love the matte black and so far it is working well! I also like the non-skid bottom. While I do not expect it to last 20 years, if I get a year or two out of it I’ll be pleased.

Meals Lately

With cooler temps comes cravings for chili!!

We made a classic beef chili with all the fixins. I think I ate it four times in a row!

Other Recent Meals

Breakfast yogurt bowl

Yogurt + jam + banana + cinnamon Cheerios

Lunch treats from Plenty

Pig in a blankets for Mazen and Citrus Curry Farro Salad for me!

Plenty BBQ Chicken

with slaw and sweet potato mash!

Homemade Pizza Night

(I had a second piece after this one!)

Birch’s Buffet

And finally, a feast prepared by Birch!

Tell me about your dream soap dispenser!