Christmas Cheer For All To Hear

Hi friend! We had a couple of days of cold rain followed by some mild weather that meant we spent some time on both of our porches!! Little B was happy because he LOVES being outside. Fresh air has always calmed him, and he’s sad when it’s too yucky outside to leave the house.

But a visit from Thomas’s aunt Layton brightened our day! (Gus especially :mrgreen: )

Friday Night Thai

On Friday night we opted for take out and Netflix. Black Mirror continues to be our weekend show of choice. Some episodes have been really good and others just so-so. We tend to like the newer episodes more than the older ones.

Green curry + Drunken noodles

I think I was asleep by 9:00 on Friday night. #bodyclockproblems

Saturday morning sweat

But that made for a lovely Saturday morning! I was super energized for my workout at ACAC and came home to have toast + more coffee.

The boys played with B’s diaper box for a while. The perfect example of a game perfectly suited for a 1 year old and 7 year old!

Movie Date

I’ve been asking Mazen out on a date to the movies for months, and he’s rejected me 100 times. ( #he’sjustnotthatintoyou ) But he finally said yes to Frozen 2! We shared a salted caramel milkshake and loved the movie. I thought it was better than the first one! (M was too cool to hold my hand though because there was a tween girl sitting on his other side!)

When we returned home, he took his collection of Lego figurines to the neighbor’s and Birch and I went on a nice walk.

The porch screens are going up, and the finishing touches are not quite done yet. Soon!

Quadruple Booked

It’s the holiday party season for sure! We had invites to 3 parties and 1 family dinner and had to respect the ones we RSVPed to early on. We left the boys with a sitter and headed to the Tavola bar for a few bites and a round of drinks.

Burrata + salad + olives

We headed to Ellen’s and had yummy crab dip and bacon-wrapped dates and caught up with friends.

And then we made an appearance at Bradley + Megan’s where we tried some delicious Cowboy Candy – cream cheese and candied jalapeños! I had a few glasses of a very good red wine and was a bit draggy on Sunday morning. Luckily we got a full night’s sleep.

We had more great weather on Sunday. T spent the day playing golf (after being inspired by the President’s Cup), and the boys and I got in a nice long walk.

What was the best party food you ate this weekend?