Coastal Distancing

^^ I saw that title at a gift shop this week on a wine glass 😆 

Headed Home

If you’re reading this on Wednesday morning, we are packing like crazy and running around trying to catch the first morning ferry! I always say you know it was a good vacation when you’re ready to head home. The R&R did its job. We are so very thankful we were able to take this break. 

(Right where B is standing there was a 7′ black snake yesterday, so that might also be contributing to me being ready to go back to “city life”!!)

Final Breakfasts

Bagel + Fruit >>

T-Daddy Waffles >>

Final Lunch >>

(Literally out of most foods!)

Final Day Activities

Playground visit >>

Truck time >>


2x Runs

I haven’t ran much in the last year or so, but my running improved just during the time I was here!

Final Egg Hunt >>

Visit To Turtle Central >>

(This bag is perfect for Beautycounter’s Flawless in Five makeup set!!)

Geocaching >>

We are heading home with no Egrets :mrgreen: