Welcome to TripleHeart.org.

Our Name: TripleHeart, Inc.™

Our Motto: Together – for Life

Our Purpose: To provide a place on the Internet for heart and other organ transplants and primary care givers to contact each other across the country and around the world.

Our Mission: To provide a forum in order to support each other in formal and informal settings on the phone, on the net and/or in person on a regular or irregular basis to better understand the highs and lows of the walk we share.

Our Vision: That no transplant, pre- or post-, be alone when needing answers or understanding from someone who KNOWS what the ups and downs are, the roller coaster ride of physical and emotional feelings that happen to, not all, but most of us.

Our Acknowledgement: That no two transplants are identical any more than any other group of people.

However, we do have a lot in common and can be a source of knowledge and comfort to one another in order to improve and possibly extend our unique lives as TRANSPLANTS.

We, Joanne and Kel, have found that most Heart Transplant Recipients and Primary Care Givers have almost no contact, if any, with others like ourselves after the Heart Transplant procedure and very little contact while we are listed, much less while we are deciding to become transplant candidates or going through the qualification process.

I, Kel, one day while on the waiting list, asked my heart transplant doctor if his nurses had a job description. His answer was, “Yes.” I asked if the transplant coordinators had job descriptions. Again he replied, “ Yes.” Then I asked if he had a job description. Somewhat confused as to the reason for my line of questioning he answered, “Of course, why do you ask?” “Because I have a job description and I don’t have any idea what it is,” I complained.

The week before I had been 45 minutes late for a checkup and arrived rattled. Having been a salesman all over metro Atlanta for 25 years, I never got lost. I knew the city and surrounding area about as well as anyone. I got hopelessly lost and, a number person couldn’t remember the doctor’s office number, the number at the hospital, my own home phone number and didn’t even have the presence of mind to dial 911. I was terribly shaken. When I finally found the hospital and the doctor’s office a transplant coordinator asked what had happened. When I explained what had transpired, she smiled and said, “That’s great! You just moved up on the list!” Then she shared with me that it was fairly common during the waiting process for patients to have lapses of memory and was an indication of a worsening condition. When I asked why I hadn’t been warned, she gave a very logical and very unsettling answer. Not all candidates had the symptom, so why bother the patient with information about something that might not occur. And…the symptom could be easily faked in order to move up on the list. True, true and false. True…it is unfair to cause a patient unnecessary worry about a minute possibility. True…it is unfair that pre-transplants are like other groups of people. We are not all perfect and good and some of us would definitely TAKE ADVANTAGE. False…medications are required to list possible side effects. In this most radical situation we should have access to information…each other.

Doctors and hospitals are prohibited under the doctor/patient confidentiality ethic from letting us know who each other (heart transplant patients) are. And a web site such as this does not offer FREE PRIZES and obviously doesn’t appeal to the masses…so millions of people are not hurrying to find transplant sites or cancer sites or sites about the best beaches to be attacked by sharks. That brings us to the HARD PART. We can only find each other through friends who are willing to pass the word along. So…FRIENDS…please pass the word along not just to transplants; but also to all your friends (if we only pass the message to transplants we know, we are limited)…but if we pass the word to just 10 friends and each one of them sends the message to just 10 friends, etc., etc. that’s how we will get our message to those who need it.


Joanne and Kel Kelley

Ezekiel 36:26 “I will give you a new heart….”


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