Dad demands council pays £380 car damage after reversing into own wheelie bins

A dad who smashed up his car by reversing into his wheelie bins wants the council to pay for the damage.

Kevin Parish was shocked when he reversed his Range Rover down his drive and crashed into three wheelie bins.

The 61-year-old believes the area’s binmen “dumped” them behind his car rather than taking them back to the spot they were collected from.

Now Kevin wants Hull City Council to pay for his car to be repaired, having suggested they have “completely and utterly wiped their hands” of the matter.

He said: “The bins were dumped at the back of my  Range Rover  by the binmen on Thursday, but I didn’t see them as I was that busy and needed to get to work.

The bins were felled by Kevin’s reversing Range Rover
(Image: HullLive/ WS)


“I didn’t think to look behind me as they shouldn’t have even been there.

“The binmen clearly don’t know what walking is, and obviously couldn’t be bothered to return the bins to the driveway as normal where we have to wheel them out to leave them, and instead just left them strewn behind my car.

“Their laziness has cost me nearly £380 worth of damage to my car, as my bumper is now cracked and there’s paint missing, which needs to be fixed.

“But the council are denying any responsibility and refusing to pay for the repair work through their insurance.

“I feel terrible and it’s just not fair that I should have to pay out of my own pocket as it’s a lot of money to shell out for the car repair when it’s not even my fault.

“I’m very annoyed that the council have completely and utterly wiped their hands of it all”.

The Hull man has accused the council of wiping their hands of responsibility
(Image: HullLive/ WS)


Despite his best efforts to convince the council to pay, so far Kevin has been out of luck.

“As soon as I saw the damage caused to the back end of my car by the bins, I flew down to the waste department at Sutton Fields to speak to someone about what had happened, but I was told by them that I was too irate, and so they refused to speak to me,” he said.

“I eventually calmed down and they sent a supervisor out to me who said he would look into it if I could get some quotes together for the repairs, but now I’ve been told that the council are flat out not paying a penny.

“I’m going to contact a solicitors to see if they can help me, as I just want my car fixing.

“It’s the inconvenience of it all that’s frustrating as well, I don’t know how they [the council] can walk away and say it’s not their fault, when it is their fault, as what are we paying the binmen for really if they aren’t doing their jobs?”

Hull City Council declined to comment.

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