Dave Loves Maggie

What a glorious wedding it was! Loads of romance, many happy tears, delicious food, a hopping dance floor, and perfect weather.

The Ceremony

Thomas was with the groom, Dave, all day getting ready, so I drove myself and a few friends to the venue and chose a shady seat.

We could be sisters, right?!

My shady seat was very comfortable, but I was about as far from the front as could be so I couldn’t see much (or take photos) but it was a beautiful ceremony! Thomas looked handsome, and the bride and groom exchanged lovely words. Much like Thomas and me, they blended a family and brought Dave’s little girl into the ceremony, which was so sweet. Not a dry eye in the house!

Cocktail Hour

And then it was time for cocktails and merriment! How awesome are their koozies?!

Local favorite beers –

And delicious apps!

I finally got to reunite with my groom! <3

Three cheers for the bride and groom’s big entrance!! (How epic was their Wagoneer!) It’s hard to tell from afar, but Maggie’s dress was actually linen!

The Setting

As the sun set, we all headed under the pavilion for dinner.

The florals were stunning! They reminded me of ours! I loved all the eucalyptus, lanterns, herbs, and blue glass.


And of course, the beautiful cake!!

Dinner + Dessert

The dinner buffet was catered by the BBQ Exchange and was SO GOOD! We all couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it was as we ate.

And the cake was carrot cake! Fluffy icing on the outside and cream cheese on the inside. I might have had two pieces…!

*Pump Break*

There were at least three of us who had to go pump during the reception. Luckily it was easy to do in my car! I did have to unzip my whole dress :mrgreen:


Photographer Meredith Coe, who I know from the gym, had a Polaroid camera with her and passed out snapshots to people. What a fun idea!

I had no idea that Dave was a drummer! He took to the stage and did a flawless performance of “Play That Funky Music!”

We danced until we had blisters on our feet (literally). Then it was time for the sparkler send off!

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May they live happily ever after!