Day In The Life: Late Summer Adventures

Here we go with another day in the life!


I’m up and doing a little computer work with coffee before the boys are awake. I haven’t been sleeping as well lately (it’s either anxiety, my dinnertime glass of wine or aging hormones) so I haven’t been getting up as early as I was.


This boy has been sleeping a little later lately! (Knock on wood.) Must be the cozy sleep sack! (I just saw this one – how cute are those planets?!)

8am Breakfast

Confession: sometimes I eat out of Birch’s plate to save washing another dish! It’s kind of nice to have the dividers :mrgreen: English muffin, hard-boiled egg, blueberries.

9am Walkie + Podcast + Workout

We cruise around the neighborhood. Sometimes firetrucks come with us. (Mazen spent the night at Matt’s so he’s not home yet.)

11:30a Lunch

I’ve been eating early while Birch does because it’s more efficient than waiting until he’s down for nap and getting everything out again. I made a salad with another egg, carrot chips, sharp cheddar, avocado, marcona almonds and a basil caesar dressing I found at Whole Foods.

12:30pm Nap –> Shower + Work

Birch is down for nap. Mazen is home. I take a speed shower and put on a little makeup.

Mazen and I play fort for a while and I’m able to sneak to the computer to catch up on a few things.

2pm Garden Photos by Mazen!

3pm Birchie is awake!

Our Rava car seat arrived and I unpack it while they play in the box. It’s SO nice! (FYI, more colors just went on sale. If I had a little girl I’d be all over the rose color!)

A Halloween catalog keeps us all entertained for a good 25 minutes. We each pick out things we want!

3:30pm Popcorn for a snack!

4p Outside Play Time!

5:45p Taco Dinner

Tacos! I know you have seen hundreds of tacos this year. Tis the year of the taco!

Dive into bed

(Yes the clock says 2:44 – I took this earlier – but I DO go to bed when the sun is still up most nights :mrgreen: )

Reading: Summer of ’69

Dreaming of: Big parties with friends in 2021

Lights out: 9:30