Day In The Life: Summer 2020

Summer Fun 2020 is well underway! Here’s a day in the life for ya : )

5:45 am

Thomas has trained me to LOVE morning time. As much as I want to be a morning exerciser, I really have to ease into my day. Nothing wakes me up better than coffee and my laptop, which I leave on my nightstand each night. I love getting some emails answered, reading the Skimm, and getting organized for my day without leaving my bed.

7:00 am

The boys are awake and I’m up and at em! We all have oatmeal today. Peanut butter and banana smoothies are another very common breakfast.


After cleaning up breakfast, watching some Peppa Pig, and getting Birch dressed, we head outside. Mazen has a playdate! (We have chosen to have a few friends over one at a time to play outside). The boys set the slip n slide up early and have a blast all morning.

Birch and I play in the teepee and walk around the yard and alley. We study leaves!


The big boys are still playing hard, so B and I go inside for a snack. I set up B in the basement with his train set and get in a 30 minute weight workout around him. Thanks to Sydney Cummings on You Tube for coaching me!


We say goodbye to Mazen’s friend and head inside for lunch. Birch has lunch around 11:20 most days and before I get him settled for nap at noon. I used to wait to eat my own lunch after he was asleep, but I decided that wasn’t a good use of time, so now we all just have an early lunch in the 11s. The boys also LOVE quesadillas, as do I. Birch’s plate on the top and M’s on the bottom.

I have a mix of leftovers – chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, broccoli, hummus and a delicious verde sauce from Flavor. This is why I don’t show you everything I eat anymore – I don’t have time to make it look nice on a plate! #momlife


Birch goes down for night night. We read stories before he gets snugged into his sleep sack. Mazen is still working on lunch and probably has turned on the TV while I’m gone.


Mazen and I have quiet time. I let him play some video games so I can work. It’s summertime so I am OK with this during nap.


I go into the playroom to the printer and find a HUGE camel cricket. (Google that if you haven’t heard of them.) Mazen helps me kill it with a lightsaber – lol. Trust me, it’s back there.


Birch is awake! He has a snack (yogurt and Cheerios) and we play around for a bit!


Nona comes over!! We hang out on the porch, read some books, and sip seltzers.


Dinnertime! We’ve been eating on the early side. Thomas and I have these awesome shrimp bowls by Flavor here in town with kale, rice, beans, chips, guac, and salsa verde.


Bath time for the boys.


Stories and a quick rock for Birch.


Kindles and a few chats with Mazey.


Tidy up and relax on the couch with T for a few!


I take a great shower and end the day with my nighttime skincare routine : )


Reading in bed until my kindle falls on my face!