Discover Healthcare New at HIMSS 2020

Co-Authored with Heather Keleher

What will the healthcare systems of tomorrow look like?

This year, we’ve explored the future of healthcare. We’ve taken a look at the trends that are transforming the continuum of care across the globe. We watched as the Medibus drove innovation into remote German villages and seen how Mercy is personalizing patient experience and streamlining clinician experience.

One clear common denominator is that the future of care is about innovating to improve the patient experience. It emphasizes the outcome and finding better ways to expand the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare and for all of us. 

Between healthcare now and healthcare new, there’s a bridge.

Healthcare now is changing. The people who touch healthcare – patients, family members, clinicians, administrators, and IT – expect more than ever before and need solutions that work for them.

Healthcare new is all about you. It’s healthcare everywhere. It’s on your terms. It’s where you want it. It’s when you need it. 

The medibus, a mother and child, and remote care

Ready to see what’s possible when you are put in the center of your healthcare? 

Join us at HIMSS from March 9 – 13 at Booth 1559 for an up-close look at how Cisco solutions are transforming healthcare in the hospital, at the clinic, in the retail pharmacy, or even on the road – whenever and wherever you need care.

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Immerse yourself in our interactive patient journey

Meet Ron.

Ron is 68 years old and has diabetes. It’s not always easy for him to see his regular doctor in order to manage his condition and to stay ahead of potential issues that could result from it. Ron needs healthcare solutions that fit his needs.

Our interactive experience will take you through Ron’s journey and will showcase how technology expands the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare, and for Ron, like never before.

Discover our booth at HIMSS 2020

Hear Our HIMSS Speakers

Listen in as Amanda Rogerson, the Lead Healthcare Product Specialist from Duo, discusses taking Zero-Trust to the healthcare environment. Join Marlon Harvey, a Cisco Global Solutions Architect, as he tackles how INFRAM can be utilized to scale care experiences

We are building the bridge to a more intuitive, personalized, and digital healthcare experience – for both providers and patients. Be the change and fuel healthcare new with Cisco at HIMSS 2020. 

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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