Doggone It

You may have seen on Instagram that Gussie had knee surgery this week for a torn meniscus. He did great and came home wagging his tail and seeming energetic. This is the same knee he had ACL surgery on last July. Gus will have to do another 6-8 weeks of solitary confinement in the mud room, which is probably a lot harder for him than the physical recovery. He has to be in this room because it’s the only way to get outside to go potty and avoid a long flight of stairs (Thomas re-built his ramp), plus it’s secluded away from UPS drivers and other exciting visitors. Our vet says he’s just too big, active, and friendly for his aging knees. If anyone wants to come lick up all the crumbs while he’s recovering – just let me know!?

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April Showers

Our grass is glowing neon green again! How long do you think that will last this year? Last year we had a chinch bug infestation that turned it into thatch. Crossing fingers the neon sticks around this time! Thomas has been working so hard on it.


We’ve seen peeks of sunshine, but most of our weekend was rainy/cloudy. I am more thankful for sunshine than ever. Getting outside and going for walks is the only way we are surviving this quarantine.

Pillow Forts, Blocks, Legos

Sunshine and pillow forts!!! Our sectional is the Pearce from Pottery Barn in the fabric Recycled Cotton Denim Blue. I got it 30% off in 2015 and it’s holding up SO well with two kids climbing all over it every single day. (Or upstairs sectional is not holding up quite so well – the cushions are a bit more saggy and the fabric is not as stain repelling as I’d hoped.)

Downtown Mall = Deserted

We went for a dreary stroll downtown and it was so sad to see the mall so empty. When I’m at home in my house things feel normal, but the second I step into the real world (or turn on the news) the weight of the world’s situation comes crashing back down.

Good Eats

Leftover shrimp scampi = always just as good the next day! (+ two mozzarella balls!)

This Pippin Hill Viognier was so delish! Reminder you can get 15% off your order with KATHEATS till the end of today!

Egg Salad?

Most recent popular lunch: eggs on salads. So quick and easy.

Coconut Magic Shell

A green smoothie with coconut butter magic shell! I forgot how good this combo is ????

Peace out!