Easter 2020 At Home

Look at that stud in his Easter 2020 finest <3

We almost didn’t celebrate Easter this year. We certainly didn’t acknowledge that it was technically Spring Break and we were supposed to be on Bald Head Island with the fam. Call me a bad mother, but I was just feeling sad about it and had procrastinated preparing anything for the holiday. I didn’t know if the boys even knew it was Easter,  and Mazen has started to doubt the Easter Bunny anyways. I wasn’t going to risk germ at a store and buy a bunch of candy (I haven’t been in a store in a month!) But when Mazen mentioned the Easter Bunny coming a few days before, I thought: “Uh oh! We gotta plan something!” Believe or not, he wasn’t ready to give up his basket. Luckily I knew that our local toy store, Shenanigans, was doing deliveries (SO convenient!), and we put together Easter baskets and an egg hunt (from Thomas’s secret candy stash) on the fly. It ended up being a really nice holiday!

The night before, Mazen’s front tooth was hanging by a thread. I commented that he should try to work it out so the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny could come on the same night. It was sort of stuck facing out so I asked if he wanted me to pop it back to try to knock it loose. With giggles he said yes and put a towel in front of his face. I gave it a tap and the tooth started gushing blood!  Poor Mazen was mad it didn’t work.  So he wrote this note. (Look who believes now!)

The two collaborated and Mazen found a $2 bill in his basket ???? He also got a Star Wars Lego, a bathtub basketball game (to play with Birch), golden chocolate coins, a Pokemon book and eggs with candy. Birchie got a Jellycats bunny,  a tiny book, a rubber duckie (duck! he said), and an empty egg because jelly beans are chokeable!

B was actually up at 5am, so I was up super early (he went back to sleep). I made chocolate chip scones for the fam! This recipe is so simple.

I had a whole second one at the stove!

After breakfast and Lego building, we headed out back for an egg hunt. The Easter Bunny had left a trail of carrot pieces leading out the back that clued us in to the hunt. (T snuck down during breakfast to hide eggs.) This was definitely the highlight of the morning, and we were blessed with beautiful spring weather.

We played outside for a while, had a distance visit with Nona, ate lunch, took naps.

I had a wrap with chicken, peppers, cheese, arugula, and homemade ranch.

We spent a lot of time outside and took Birchie on two walks.

At 5:00 we joined my parents and sister’s fam for a Zoom happy hour. We’re crossing our fingers we’ll get to Bald Head this summer.

And we had a simple quarantined mixed dinner: leftover BBQ chicken, jasmine rice, sautéed veggies, sour cream and sriracha!

Plus wine. Nothing fancy this year! This Lost Poet wine from Winc is one of my favorites. I hope they do their Summer Water Society again because that was so fun last year!

What did you do for Easter At Home this year?