Fall Comes To Life

I just can’t help it – suddenly I feel like we’re living in a fall cliche!  

At least there’s no pumpkin spice in my coffee :mrgreen:

But that’s a whole grain frozen waffle (I stole one of Birch’s) with my recent batch of pumpkin spice almond butter on top.

Cool, Crisp Mornings

I saw my breath on the way to school! Birch got a blanket added for his lap, and I broke out some gloves. Life is currently cold in the shade and hot in the sun. I’m taking my layers on and off all day!

Birchie’s New Boots

Aren’t they so cute! (They are these from Target.) He can put them on himself rather easily, so they are his shoes of choice all day, everyday now.

This Woodlands Playground

Our weekends are filled with soccer games and playgrounds.

We went to Mazen’s soccer game at an elementary school out in the Cville countryside and liked the playground so much we went back during the week!




First S’mores

He looks like he’s into the s’more right? Wrong. He didn’t like that it made his hands sticky and actually threw it on the ground!

You bet that I picked it back up and ate it. No s’mores will go to waste!

Warm Oatmeal + Pumpkin Spice

I need to march myself to the store to get some canned pumpkin because I am late to the party on that one! Pumpkin cottage cheese is one of my all-time favorite oatmeal combos.

Quiche + Quiche

Plenty quiche is always so good!

Siri is so basic

This started auto playing when I turned it on. No, Siri, no!

Have a good weekend!