Fall Fashion Shoot…and A Happy Pup!


Twilight Time Reading

Mazen got this book as a birthday gift from his cousin, and we’ve been enjoying reading a few chapters a night. I’m really enjoying the chapter books because there isn’t a big transition from one book to another like if you’re reading several picture books at a time. It’s nice that the chapters flow together!

Speaking of dogs, look who was released from jail!!!! He’s one happy pup! His leg seems to be doing fine, and he’s doing well on his walks.

From My Stitch Fix Box

I recently got a Stitch Fix box and wanted to share my keeps! To document them, I asked Thomas to take some photos of me on our deck. It was sooo bright I could barely open my eyes and we just weren’t that successful at the photo shoot *you shouldda been there* … *laughing crying face* When I saw the pics I almost scrapped the post altogether, but then I thought “What the heck” and so I’m sharing them anyways! Laugh with me.

Leeah Lace Knit Dress by Wisp

Classic, navy, lace. I really liked this A-line dress!


Sormosa Print Back Knit Top by Market & Spruce

This top was an instant keep. It sums up my Stitch Fix style preferences in a snap: casual, comfortable, with something unique (the floral back). I’m also sporting the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy!

This is when the photo shoot started to go down hill :mrgreen:

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So I moved inside!

Calico Textured Dress by Collective Concepts

This was my final keep. I love that it’s feminine and long-sleeved for chilly fall evening events!

Blast From The Past

This dress was also Stitch Fix! From 2016. This might have been the first photo Thomas and I took together!

I’ll leave you with another sneak peek of our outdoor project!!! Hint: it’s not a pool!