First Birthday At The Vineyard

For the past year I have a text thread with four other moms of babies Birch’s age. We have been each other’s support group during periods of sleeplessness, sickness, and chaos. And we chat daily about milestones and questions we have, sharing tips and advice. I met each of them in a different way (I think I was the point of the start who connected us all) but we have all become great friends over the past year.

We decided to have a joint birthday party for the babies, all born within about a month of each other, rather than taking turns hosting each other. As Mazen likes to say, Birch had his “family party” last week and his “friends party” this weekend.

The Setting

We headed to King Family Vineyards mid-day where the big brothers would have plenty of room to run and the babies could crawl through the grass.

The Food

We coordinated a cheese board and big salad from Plenty (naturally!), cupcakes, and bought wine from the vineyard.

The salad was lentil and kale with feta, olives, and almonds. So delicious!!

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The babies were thrilled with their cupcakes!

More pics to come!

We also had a photographer come to capture the event and take each family’s photo. I’ll have the professional photos to share in a couple of weeks!