Flavors Of June

So what have we been eating other than wood?

Flavor Exceptional Catering is a Cville catering company owned by two chefs, Sandy and Danny. While they have experience in on-site catering, they pivoted during the pandemic to provide a meal prep service for the community. They asked if I’d like to share some meals on KERF and I said “heck yeah!” I never turn down food : )

The menus are posted online and you can pick up your order curbside either Sunday afternoon or Monday evening. In addition to entrees and lunch bowls, they have a lot of add ons like farm-fresh eggs, homemade hummus, breakfast sandwiches, and slices of cake from the cake shop next door, Sliced Cake Bar! The portions were HUGE (I had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day) and the food tasted home-cooked.

The Southern Enjoyment

Slow-cooked ribs, mashed sweet potatoes (my favorite part!), roasted broccoli and homemade Lonestar BBQ sauce

Power Steak Bowl

Grilled marinated skirt steak with quinoa, roasted Brussels sprouts Yukon potatoes. + Lonestar sauce. We all loved the steak (Mazen included).

Simply Salmon

Lemon salmon, rice, grilled asparagus and eggplant with a creamy dressing.

Sliced Cake Bar!

Plus a slice of  of chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting! Thomas and I demolished this.


I loved this Grilled Chicken Bowl with roasted sweet potatoes (I shared those with Birchie), broc, Italian seasoned basmati rice, banana peppers, olives, hummus, and Tzatziki sauce.

While we ate most of the proteins with each meal, we had leftover sides for all 3 so that’s what I had for lunch all week!

What we’ve been reading

Little B loves to steal Mazen’s Kindle when he’s not looking. We actually downloaded him some new books through Kids Unlimited and have read a few to him from it. So convenient!

Although sometimes I think he thinks it’s just an iPad…

What I’ve been wearing

I have realized that I really like high neck tank tops. I think they are more flattering to the bosom than scoop neck tanks, and so I’ve hunted high and low for a few for summer. I tried some at Title Nine but sadly didn’t love the fabric or fit so I sent them back. But I really struck gold with a few from Athleta that I overlooked my first time through. I used a Christmas gift card I had saved – Christmas in almost-July!

I got the Ultimate Train Tank and the Ultimate Hybrid Tank, which I’m wearing below. They are similar but the train has a bit larger arm holes. I think this Hybrid one I’m wearing in forest green is my favorite of them all.

This is the Foothill Tank. The fabric is thick, and I like how you can wear it long and flowy or tie the back for more of a cropped look. I also got a few pair of the Performa Thong on sale – huge fan now!!

What I’ve been drinking!

At $19, the Adalante Sauvignon Blanc is one of the least expensive of the Scout + Cellar collection. I thought it was fab! I’m usually obsessed with Sauv Blanc all summer, along with Rosé. As I mentioned in my beach post, this Dove Hunt Rosé was amazing and another one of the bottles in the teens. My favorite reds are Syrah and Zinfandels, and this one did not disappoint. I don’t drink as much red in the summertime, but I like to switch it up at least once a month when I’m having something Italian or heavier for dinner. By the way, I started a wine segment of my email list for Scout + Cellar updates, promos, and wine favorites. If you’re into clean wine, sign up below!

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