Full Swing Summer

It’s the longest day of the year – extra time for snuggling!

Camp Days

Mazen had fun filling out his whole calendar for the summer with camps and family trips. He takes after his mother : )

He doesn’t have to be at camp until 8:30 v. 7:10 for the school year at the bus stop and that extra hour was SO HELPFUL! The boys had smoothies and strawberries together before we left the house. (I had coffee before and breakfast after we got back home!)


Cereal with berries

Daily Harvest Acai and Cherry smoothie

Oatmeal with almond butter + berries + granola


On Monday I ran outside with Erica and our Bobs and babies and then we came inside and had smoothies and playtime. It was SO HOT for running at noon!

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On Tuesday I went to Matt’s HIIT class and put Birch in Kids Zone. He did great – Mr. Smiles!

On Wednesday I went to strength class while Emily stayed with a sleeping Birch. My muscles were so tired after back to back gym days!

Look at these babies doing pushups and planks! They’ll be crawling soon.


This boy LOVES to eat! He shoves all things into his little mouth and makes the cutest noises. I think his favorite this week was cornbread!

Pork + Thai salad

My favorite meal was Thomas’s smoked pork on top of the Plenty Thai peanut salad. SO GOOD!

Goat gouda + coconut + cornbread + grilled asparagus + yogurt

I love a fun tasting plate! And eating fresh coconut last week, Survivor style!

More Sparkly Flavors

Waterloo noticed my post about bubbles last week and sent me some of their flavors. They are great! I loved the Watermelon and Coconut.

Stormy Afternoons

The summer heat is back, daily afternoon storms included. This was my view at camp pickup during an insane severe thunderstorm complete with hail and sideways rain. I couldn’t get out of the car for 10 minutes until it calmed down to get Mazen from the camp bus!

Beachy Nails

I went with my mother in law to get our nails done. We got matching pink toes! This is my first time doing blue (for the ocean.) I think I like it!


Smoked BBQ sammies + homemade slaw + zucchini

Plenty Tilapia + couscous salad + kale caesar

Family dinner at B.Good

B. Good invited us in to try out some summer menu additions. Thomas tried the BBQ chicken salad, and I had a tofu noodle bowl! Mazen loves the kids menu there, and we all shared a delicious vanilla milkshake to end the meal.

Key Lime Pie in a jar!!

Also from Plenty. So delish! + The Bachelorette.

I hope to see you guys from Bald Head Island next week!