Good Thing He’s Cute + Real Meals For The Week

I have a LOT of new photos to share with you guys a few at a time by the famous Cramer Photo. Look at that toothy boy! As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been having so many ups and downs with sleep. We had a 3.5 hour nap on Wednesday that resulted in a super late bedtime, which resulted in a super early morning. Baby sleep is never what you think. Also: I will not be letting him nap that long again. Lesson learned!

Breakfast Bowls

I’ve been having this breakfast all week! Organic whole milk yogurt swirled with a little raspberry jam, plus raw quick oats stirred in, sunbutter drizzle, and honey roasted almonds.

Overnight oats + powdered peanut butter + blueberries (on the porch!) I am so thrilled to have a photography porch again (even though it’s FREEZING when I take my bowl outside). Our new table + chairs should be here next week!

The Face Of A Sick Child

Mazen came home complaining of a headache and tummy ache on Tuesday. 30 minutes later he seemed totally fine. Then the next morning before school he said the symptoms were back. I trusted that something was off and let him stay from school. It was not a calm sick day at home though. This was us on our afternoon walk :mrgreen: He was better by 9am!


I brought some packages inside that arrived from Amazon. Somebody saw the bottom box and got a little too excited – oops!!! I appreciate the minimal packaging but the kids are watching! Spoiler alert: he’s getting a golf set for Christmas.

Tuna Salad Bowl

I made Thomas and myself a curried tuna salad for lunch, amped up with lots of chopped veggies. Plus some prepare guac and chips for scooping it all up.

This orzo + shrimp salad from Plenty was DEElicious!! A great example of something that would have taken me over an hour to make myself.

And speaking of Plenty, Della is the queen of salad dressings and her herby ranch is 100% amazing. She said the recipe is top secret, but I’m going to get it!!! ???? 

Oh yeah – and I got my hair trimmed!! Holly always puts in some curls, and she does a better job than I ever could. I need a lesson!


Plenty salmon + broc with some coconut rice I made in the rice cooker. I think I have decided you can’t make a creamy coconut rice in a rice cooker – you have to do it on the stove top. Does anyone think otherwise, and if so, can you please share your how-to?

Chicken noodle alphabet soup + half a grilled cheese. Soup nice is a winter staple!

I am headed to a workout class and excited for a week of Christmas parties to begin!! How about you? Is your schedule filling up?