Happy Birthday To Beer

Hi friend! Hope you had a great long weekend. Thomas took a half day yesterday so we got 2.5 days together – always so nice. We had a big party to attend that was unfortunately canceled due to sickness, so we spent some time relaxing at home with the boys and some of the time out and about.

Friday @ Three Notch’d

I got a text late Thursday night Anne was coming through Cville with her fam and wanted to meet for lunch. Luckily Birch and I were free! (B looks a little sleepy doesn’t he?! He skipped his morning nap because he fell asleep in the stroller and was more than ready for his afternoon nap by the end of lunch!)

We didn’t know when we made plans but it was Three Notch’d’s sixth birthday!! They were sending out beer samples every hour, so we had a few tastes plus a piece of cake! I had a burger and side salad too.

Downtown Date

On Friday night, Mazen was with Matt, and Thomas, Birch and I walked downtown. It’s nice that the heat has broken just a bit so we aren’t dripping in sweat after walking 3/4 of a mile! I still wore a sports bra just to keep my cool.

We ate at Bizou and had a yummy meal of burrata with pesto and peaches, potato-crusted trout and braised pork with risotto and mushrooms. Plus vino!

T got an ice cream and gave me three bites!

Saturday Morning Jams

Did you catch my story with us jumping around in the dark? We have so much fun on Saturday mornings at ACAC!

Post workout quiche + berries

Just Give Me A Reason

We went to brewery birthday party #2 at Reason Beer after B’s morning nap.

Little Planets had a play area that was SO nice to have for the babies!

We have two of these outfits and T grabbed the 12-18 one. I think it’s a little big – haha!!

Mission BBQ

Afterwards we went to Mission BBQ and had a really delicious lunch. I had the oak-smoked brisket with collards and cornbread. I guess I am not used to eating so much meat for breakfast because this kept me full for HOURS AND HOURS! (We did eat late around 2pm.)

Gal’s Night In

Thomas had plans with the bros to watch the first UVA football game, so I had a quiet night in with my Birch buddy.

I was seriously still so full from lunch that the thought of a salad wasn’t appealing, so I literally had cheese, crackers and a glass of wine for dinner. Intuitive eating at its finest (or lowest – haha)

Sunday Runday

Sunday morning I made a banana oatmeal bake for us to have for breakfast. The texture of this is perfect for Birch!

Then I went running!!

Salad for lunch –

Shop Till I Romp

I can’t remember the last time I went out shopping. (Possibly for maternity clothes?) I have no idea how all my jeans but 1-2 pairs are just not working for me. They all fit, but the cut is just not comfortable. Not enough stretch. Too low rise. Worn in areas. So I went on the hunt for jeans!

First stop was Athleta where I found a dark wash pair of their Sculptek jeans almost half off! They are even hemming them for free. They are high rise and fit like a glove.

The sales ladies also convinced me that this romper was perfect. I love black and this kind of material plus it’s on sale, so I went for it!!

I made a few notes for my birthday wish list now that I tried them on: Venice Jogger, Utempo Hoodie, Camden Jogger, Run Free Shorts, Lightning Tights with a pocket.

I also went to Old Navy to try on the Rockstar jeans everyone is talking about. Guys, they are GREAT! Stretchy but not too thin. Mid-rise to the belly button so no peeking thong. I sure hope they wear well. At $19.99 – you can’t beat that. I wish I’d gotten the mustard yellow shirt but I didn’t. I did get the plaid tunic though!

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Skates, Golf + Trains

When I got home, Thomas took Mazen roller skating and to the driving range! They had a blast. Birch and I played trains and then he took a nap.

Chicken, Grits, Tomato Salad

We had a relaxed dinner, including these super easy green chile cheese grits.

Labor Day

We had a relaxed morning, a visit to ACAC, a little work, and some fun with friends of all ages!

What was the highlight of your weekend?