Hat Is Matte Black

(If you didn’t get that, my title is an Old Town Road reference!) Have you noticed the matte filter I’ve been using a lot? I’m mildly obsessed ???? It makes photos look so moody! And corrects bad lighting so well.

Happy FRI-YAY!

Starting the day off with a Daily Harvest smoothie in a bowl with granola on top. This was the carrot + chia flavor and I loved it! My top flavors are Acai + Cherry, Blueberry + Hemp and Carrot + Chia.

I had the leftovers the next day from a jar plus nibbles of the kids’ breakfasts. You know how that goes ????

Movin’ and Groovin’

Birchie boo has been all over the house climbing up on things (and bonking his little head on things ???? ) Suddenly he’s such a curious little boy. It must be fun to finally be able to explore. And of course it’s the cutest thing ever when he comes crawling to my feet and looks up at me. If I say “uppy” he will raise his arms so I can pick him up <3

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Fresh Italian Cooking

Alex Caspero wrote the cookbook Fresh Italian Cooking For The New Generation back in 2016 and sent me a copy. I was reading through it last week and made one of her kale salads. (I swapped orzo out and farro in since that’s what I had on hand, and added a bunch of lemon zest!)

Plus a generous sprinkle of this salt I found at Feast!

It was great for lunch and a side dish multiple days in a row!

Italian Chicken From Plenty

Italy was the theme of the week! We had this dinner ready in a flash from Plenty and everyone loved it, Mazen included.

Bachelorette Talk

First, this coconut cream pie in a jar from Plenty was OOTW! It was a treat to eat while watching Hannah get fired up at Luke. I don’t want to spoil the episode here in the post, so let’s talk the chat to the comments. WHAT DID YOU THINK?! It’s rare that I’m animated while watching TV, but I was gasping and cheering from the couch! This has been my favorite season so far, and I am now a big Hannah fan. Cannot wait to see what happens next! Also: Peter for Bachelor.

Have a great weekend! My sister and fam are coming to spend it with us!